Intimidating, or crazy? You decide!


This morning I had a delicious sleep-in. I didn’t wake up and drag my aching shoulders out of bed until 10:00am! Let’s just call that a practice-run for daylight savings next week. The funny thing is that I’m pretty sure I was in bed and asleep by 11:00pm, which means I got 11 hours of solid sleep last night… Go me?

Anyway, I had a slow morning, emailing and doing a bit of work, and then all of a sudden I remember that actually, today is April Fools, and I have a funny feeling that that is significant for some reason.

I lie back on my bed for a second while I puzzle it out. I don’t have any gym classes today. Work is the same time as usual… I don’t have a personal Training appointment…

Then I remember my 1.00pm Counciling session. Crap. I have 20 minutes to get there.

While I’m taming my hair back into a less crazy-cat-lady-like look, I ponder over the fact that it’s quite a late time for counselling – I usually like to get them out of the way at the crack of dawn (ie. 9:00am) just like my personal training sessions.

Anyway I power up the hill marveling at the fact that my legs and butt aren’t quite as sore today, as they were yesterday.

(We did something called the Miramar Special yesterday at TKD. It’s very special indeed.)

(Also? My PT made me do something that I’m going to go ahead and call the Contours Special yesterday morning.)

(I’d never actually thought a swiss ball could be used as a torture device… I was proven wrong at 9.35am yesterday.)

Anyway, I rock up to the Student Health centre feeling kind of conspicuous – because technically at the moment I am not a student – and I say I’m here to meet my councillor for her 12:00pm appointment.

The receptionist reacted with caution and confusion. I repeated my details and then remembered that opps! It’s actually a 1:00pm appointment, because it’s now 1:00pm, not 12:00 and clearly I am having a slow morning! (Insert lame laugh here.)

The receptionist tells me she can’t help me and I need to talk to a more senior receptionist. Also? She’s definitely looking at me like I’m all kinds of unstable – like that careful ‘don’t set off the crazy bomb’ kind of look.

Alrighty. Whatever.

So I go to the other more senior receptionist, who I actually usually check in with when I’m waiting for appointments. She smiles in recognition and says hi, before taking a good look at the computer in front of her and says: Opps!  Actually my appointment was at 9:00am this morning. It’s not like me to forget!

I nearly stomp back to young scaredy cat receptionist and tell her off for not just explaining the mix up. I mean sure I look slightly disheveled today because of the unbrushed hair, and yes I was covered in sweat because I’d just power walked up a serious hill, and ok, so later I discovered that I had pen on my cheek… 

… Ok. Actually I can understand why I might have looked a little intimidating to young scaredy cat receptionist lady this morning.


One thought on “Intimidating, or crazy? You decide!

  1. On the plus side, you now know how to easily scare the crap out of people. Next April Fools Day, I suggest going to the local supermarket and just walk around with an empty cart, mumbling to yourself.

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