Last Night

Last night I dreamed about spiders. Big spiders. Big hairy venomous spiders. And? One of them was on me in my dream, sitting on my shoulder clicking it’s cold hairy legs against my collar bone.

In my dream I was in bed, just waking up, so I frantically bat the big hairy spider off my shoulder and on to my rug. Which, for the record? Is a stupid thing to do, because it is a ninja spider, and instantly manages to disappear from sight.

Then I had to get out of bed and make my way out of my room, and Every time I moved the spider would be in a different place, all getting ready to jump on me with his cold hairy legs.

Last night I dreamed about being powerful and hunted by shadows and evil. There was a black horse, and a man, and we were all running to get away, pretending to be different people, but protecting each other to deceive the shadows.

We ended up at an airport so close to freedom I could smell it, only the shadows were bearing down on us. They grabbed him, and I ran. Somehow I managed to get free, and slip through the walls to a yacht where my brother and his girlfriend were waiting dressed in scuba gear.

I kept looking back at the wall, but the man never made it free.

Last night I dreamed about clocks. I dreamed that I had important things to do by a certain time, but every time I’d look the time had changed, and something was wrong with me, because I couldn’t understand what they said. The numbers turned to meaningless lines and letters, and none of it made any sense.

Last night I dreamed about being in a position of power, and owning slaves. I had a sneaky plan to set them free of me, but for some reason I could never quite pull it off. They hated me, and in the end I hated myself too.

Last night I dreamed about hidden corridors between the walls of a big old house. They were covered in cobwebs, and dust, and tight, and dark, but I was certain that if I kept going, glancing through the boards in the walls for direction and light, I’d eventually find my freedom.

I ended up in a damp tunnel which led into a forest… It was creepy and at the same time much less scary than being trapped between the walls.

I think my favorite part of last night was the dream about the man and the horse. My favorite bit was galloping towards that airport, knowing my own power, and knowing that someone else had my back.

I think I’m dreaming about overcoming fear, and adventure…


4 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Wow Shannon. Those are some ass-kicking dream sequences. Makes a pretty interesting blog post.

    It’s amazing that you dreamed all that stuff in one night, and even better that you remember it so well. As far as interpretation goes, uh, well, that’s not my job. All I can think to say is that with the exception of the spider, I sometimes have dreams like that too, where I’m running from something, attempting to escape. Usually I end up lost in some giant metroplex that goes on forever. The other dream I have a lot is that I’m in school again, but cannot find my schedule, don’t know where I’m supposed to go, notice that I’ve missed a lot of classes, etc.

  2. Wow. You have some interesting dreams! The spider one would have freaked me out. Especially being on my collarbone. I have issues with things touching the collarbone/shoulder region.

  3. It’s mental when dreams get like that. Adventurous but a bit scary as well. Sounds like lots of inspiration for plenty of posts anyway. 🙂

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