Introducing Holmes and Watson

You know that time that I wrote about how I was thinking about walking three hours to a pet store to buy a snail and some water plants?

Well it only took two hours.

And Louise came with me.

And I was absolutely insistant on buying the snails, except the snails avaliable lacked a certain… personality. A joy for life. Fins.

So instead I was just BROWSING through the fish, and I found these two. They’re called Holmes and Watson. And since I’d already named them… Well it seemed a shame not to bring them home with my water conditioner, my plants, my bubble stones, and my spiralina fish food.

So far they seem to be a little lacking on the hobbies front. They like pooping, and swimming back and forward, and ignoring the plants that I spent 15 minutes arranging and countless minutes agonizing over buying. (It is very difficult to find a well matched water-plant pair.)

I think they’re settling in pretty well, which is good, because I have kind of a bad history with fish. I tend to go through them… quickly… For lack of a better word.

Hopefully I’ve got the water stuff just right this time. I’ve been doing my reading about the water surface area, conditioning, making sure you don’t overcrowd your tiny fish, and the importance of oxygenation…

I’m pretty sure things will go better this time around. Long live Holmes and Watson!

Honestly, though, I think everyone is lucky that I didn’t impulse-buy a kitten – because there was this little black kitten that was just BEGGING to come home and live quietly in my bedroom until my flatmates found out and kicked us both out to live on the street.



5 thoughts on “Introducing Holmes and Watson

  1. Aww, they’re cute! My brother’s had tetras (amongst other things) for a couple of years now. They seem to last much better than goldfish. May they live long, happy, crime fighting lives 🙂

  2. Is that what they are? Tetras? I wasn’t sure. I immediately forgot the name on the card thing, but I know they like their water below 19 degrees, and they eat spiralina… Which sounds healthy, but smells rather strongly of fish.

  3. Fish get to poop in their own living room. I guess that makes them more free than us.

    On the other hand, they’re trapped in a bowl, which makes them less so.


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