I have a confession… I went to a friends wedding a while ago, and managed to snag a glass fish bowl by asking nicely.

And now I have this empty fish bowl sitting on my desk, and I’m thinking about walking for three hours along a state highway so that I can go to the only pet store in wellington, and buy a plant and some snails to put in it.

Because I don’t quite trust myself with fish.

Fish meet very sad ends when I’m involved.

Is this a stupid idea?


5 thoughts on “So…

  1. No. Fish meet very sad ends where I’m involved too! Although on the snails front, I have heard that they breed like rabbits and you can end up with an entire tank of the little slimers… I could be wrong though – at least go to the pet shop and ask them what they think!! Hmm. Just read the “walk for three hours” part. Perhaps I need to reassess my response…

  2. Only if you buy expensive fish like I did. LOL. They made it six months until I let someone else clean the tank. Then they died. Like within 24 hours.

    About eight months later on a whim I replaced them with the same expensive fish (Ryukyen Goldfish are pretty but are like $20 each here!) and then I ended up selling them, the 32 gallon tank and super-quiet filter I had paid extra for I think for $150 total. OR something. I didn’t care about the cost at that point, I just wanted them outta here.

    Tiny fish=excellent idea!

  3. Don’t ask me. The fish I had as a kid did not do so well. Of course, technically my parents were in charge of the fish, but still, the guilt remains…

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