At this rate it’s a wonder anyone actually allows me to shop without supervision.

Oh god. I have TWO interviews tomorrow, and I’ve only just now discovered that my entire wardrobe consists of ripped jeans, yoga pants, and dresses that flash FAR too much cleavage.

I currently have two interview outfits.

One is a black skirt with a white shirt, or a pinstriped shirt. All of these items are over five years old, and have been washed many, many, many times. I would spruce them up with some big shiny black stripper heels (the only kind I own) and some form of cheap costume jewelry.

The other is a see-through black wrap over-top, with an ill-fitted black blazer, and some kind of a yoga-pant bottom. Or maybe I’ll switch the blazer for a 1940’s costume fur wrap. (Fake fur, because real fur is gross.) And I’ll finish the look with… Stripper heels.


I’m leaning towards the shirt, and faded old skirt…

Or maybe… No. I know. I’ll make the girls help me tonight. Becks is a genius with work-wear, and Jaz is amazing with off-beat accessorizing.


5 thoughts on “At this rate it’s a wonder anyone actually allows me to shop without supervision.

  1. Oohh interviews! Plural! That’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck! I am sure you will let us know how they go

    I think borrowing clothes from the flattys is a fine idea. They don’t need to know you don’t ‘own’ the clothes, or anything interview suitable.
    I never know what to wear to interviews – and teaching interviews are hard, because you want to look nice and professional, but in that industry you never get dressed up because it’s all ‘paint on your new suit’ by the end of every day.

  2. Good luck with the interviews. Go in with confidence as if you already have the job. Ask heaps of questions relating to that particular job and research as much as possible, so they know you have either been Google(ing) them or making an effort.
    Fingers crossed. LU

  3. MoMM: I’m thinking I’m going to rock a dress with a shirt underneath for my Wednesday interview… Clothing issues are really the most drama-intensive part of ll of this. If I’m not dressed in a way that I feel confident and comfortable, then I get all nervous and weird.

    Adey: Hehe, I think working in a school would actually be fun. I mean, you get to dress for comfort, and paint-ability! What could be more awesome?

    Dad: Thanks Dad ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankfully I routinely google the living heck out of everything so I’m pretty well prepared for this week’s interviewing awesomeness!!

    Geekhiker: Thanks! Lick a bunny foot or something for me!

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