Today sucks, but it’s nice to know that tomorrow won’t.

Bring on the easter break. That’s pretty much all I can say. This week has been a week of highs (job interviews! Less body fat!) and lows (Finding myself walking down the terrace in bare stocking feet, because my shoes’ heel broke off. Thankfully AFTER the job interview, not before.)

I’m having a little stress today over work because BAH So. Much. To. Do. And. Very. Little. Time. To. Do .It.

I’m also stressing over Money. I got paid today, and ordered groceries online, then paid my power bill, then topped up my bus card, and now I have $5 in my account until NEXT THURSDAY. Not this coming thursday. The one AFTER it.

Then the IRD thought to send me a reminder that HEY GUESS WHAT? They fucked up my student loan repayments last year, and now I owe them $51. Right now. Immediately. I kind of looked at that bill, and then had to sit with my head on my desk in my room for a while, practicing breathing in a non-panic attack way.

The saving grace for that one is that the IRD’s version of ‘Due Now’ is different to mine, meaning it can wait until next payday.

So although I’m still keeping my head above water, it’s really only JUST, and I’m so sick of having to plan Every. Single. Expenditure.

Some days I get sick of it and go out and buy a pet fish, or some postal delivery Malaysian Trumpet Snails, or something frivolous like that, and it’s good to just relax and enjoy what I’ve earned… But then there are weeks like this one, where there’s no wiggle room. I hate not having wiggle room. I’m something of a fidgeter. I NEED wiggle room.

So yeah. Today I’m feeling a bit stressed, but tomorrow, it will be easter Friday, and I will be pouring over my interviews for next week (That’s right ladies and gentlemen, PLURAL. And a call back.) and I will be watching DVD’s with the girls, and spending many hours relaxing and reading trash, and I will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “Today sucks, but it’s nice to know that tomorrow won’t.

  1. YAY for interviews! You’re kickass so I’m sure that will come across next week. Having no wiggle room is the pits. This is only temporary though! Soon you’ll be able to buy shoes on a whim!

  2. Ugh, budgeting. My sympathies.

    I’m glad to read that you’re taking positive actions, though: buying little things, making plans with friends, etc. Anything is better than sitting around and moping, which can lead to a downward spiral, so the fact that you’re being active is a great, great thing.

  3. Ivy: Yes, I am LOVING the break. And interviews make me happy. Also nervous.

    MissMcCracken: Yes it is the pits, and I really can’t wait to be able to buy wardrobe things. I feel bad about buying clothes these days, so I don’t really do it very often… hence the REALLY old work clothes wardrobe!

    ForgottenBeast: They do suck, but I’m learning a lot about budgeting, which is nice. I’m also pretty impressed with my ability to stay out of debt – I mean despite all this I still managed to pay of my credit card last year! I am a money MACHINE!

    Although, not literally, because then all my problems would be solved. I’d be all “oh, I need money, oh, that’s right, I’m a money machine, I’ll just print some more hundreds.”

    Geekhiker: Yeah thinking about the positives make those negatives seem a little less all-encompassing 🙂 And yes, being active is totally saving my butt right now. Or reducing it, depending on how you look at it..

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