Just call me Ninja. Or scardy cat. Either or.

Huh. So I am home alone tonight – ie. Without supervision. Or spider backup.

So I watched Serenity (I love that movie) drank an illicit hot chocolate, and read a heartbreaking gay romance about a guy who’d been beaten up by his ex boyfriend who meets a race car driver from the wrong side of the tracks.. and a heart of gold.

At this point pretty much every romantic bone in my body is swooning.


So I figure ok it’s time to go to bed, only when I reach my bedroom door theres a thing in the shadows. After a good long look at it I figure it’s some form of fluff.

I bravely walk past it, only to see it move out of the corner of my eye. I instinctively leap into the air, and land nearly soundlessly a good two metres away from where I’d been standing. The part of me that wasn’t pretty sure I was about to have to run for my life from a fluff monster was silently pretty impressed that some of this jumping stuff they’re trying to teach us at TKD is beginning to take hold.

I’m not really much of a jumper in my every-day life… In fact, it’s something that I’ve been having real issues with at TKD – one of the reason’s I just don’t feel ready to grade is that the next time I do I’m going to be in the realm of jumping kicks, and flying kicks, and quite frankly I’m just not built for it.

It seems, however, that I just need the right motivation.

Drier lint, lurking in shadows, is apparently it.


3 thoughts on “Just call me Ninja. Or scardy cat. Either or.

  1. I loved Serenity too, especially the ending, where Mal bests the evil empire dude without killing him, and the evil empire dude is suitably admonished. Wish they’d come up with a sequel.

    Some form of fluff … lol. Glad it wasn’t an arachnid.

  2. I want to like Serenity, because Firefly rocked hardcore (YES, I’m going to pretend nerdy sci-fi is hardcore).But I’m not the biggest fan.

    And I can sympathize with your jumpiness. My roommates scare me with their presence all the time, even when I’m already aware that they are in the same room as me. They just move…and I spaz.

  3. Serenity was awesome, though tinged by the “what could have been” had Firefly lasted…

    You’re gonna be in real trouble if a spider ever learns to camouflage itself under drier lint… 😉

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