Interviewing is a two way street…

So. I had an interview REALLY early this morning.

It was awful. These two women (both would have been working closely with the applicant) sat there and asked those awful questions from 80’s job interview books. Like, describe your personal style in three words. And describe your communication style in one word. One. Word.

And then when I tried to expand on my one word they cut me off. And when I used Problem-Solver for one of my three style words I was informed that actually that was two, and I only had one more.

The whole interview neither of them smiled, they just studied my body language, much like you would a bug on a stick. I mean, I did my very best to be charming, but getting a positive response out of these two was near impossible.

They managed to shake my confidence so badly that I ended up low balling myself on salary. I ended up telling them a figure that was significantly less than what I would work for.

None of that matters, though, because a friend once told me that an interview is not a one-way street. Yes, they’re assessing my ability to do the job and fit the team, but I should also be assessing the company, and what I saw? Well, I don’t think it would be a good fit.

Also, they have really high staff turnover for this position… That’s never a good sign, right?

Oh well. I guess you can’t expect to be awesome all the time!

Mmm. Ok. I will focus on tomorrow’s interview…


4 thoughts on “Interviewing is a two way street…

  1. But here’s the thing: you WERE awesome. You just happened to be interviewed by two people with sticks, nay, full-size logs up their collective arses, and you would have been absolutely miserable working with them.

    Forget about it. Just be your awesome self in tomorrow’s interview. 🙂

  2. Hmm sounds like one of those “back away veeery slowly”.. High turn-over … not a good sign.

    At least you know you would not want to work in such a place. Best of luck for tomorrow!!

  3. Agree with the above comments. It’s a pity that some of these people don’t immigrate with the changing times.
    On a positive note, you said that they made you feel uncomfortable enough for you to come in low on expected salary. Take that feeling and turn it back on them. If you feel it again, go “what the hell, I’m better than this” and come out all guns blazing. As the guys above have said, high turn-over; having to work close to these two; probably wouldn’t have been happy situation, but remember this interview and use the experience on the next one. lu

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