Sea Monkeys.

So! Guess what? Yesterday, I was clearing the mail after my disastrous interview, and I had a package! I love packages. (Who doesn’t!!?) (Crazy people, that’s who.) 

And. AND. the package was Sea Monkeys. Sea. Monkeys. I giggled the whole way to work. The little things are the bits that I like the most in life. Like, The sea monkeys come with a magnifying glass, and I was playing with it last night while one of the flatties was talking about something, and I was all “MASSIVE” and she was like “Um… What?” And then I realised that I’d said it out loud.

Did you know that sea monkeys have been to space with NASA?

Did you know that they were created in a lab?

Yeah, I’m about to run home and hatch them. I have to buy a bottle of purified water first though.

Oh, and further to last night, the spies at the Te Aro Mansion found out some delicious gossip last night. Gossip about an enemy agent who hurt one of our operatives… and oh boy, was that the best thing ever.

Karma is my favorite thing ever.

Also today I had another two interviews, and both actually went quite well. Both involved testing, which generally I’d be against, but one of the tests was a picture of giraffes, and I had to spot the differences, and then circle them. It was like employment testing for post-kindergarten employment. I only regret there were no crayons.

Unfortunately the other tests were all word tests, and typing tests, and proofreading tests. I made a mistake on that one, and put a little arrow to the margin, where I wrote “Whoops! got a little over excited with my blue highlighter! Please disregard.” And now I’m beginning to wonder is writing over excited in a test for a serious government department was a bad idea.

The word over excited makes me sound like a hyperactive puppy who’s just peed everywhere.

(I didn’t. Just for your info.)

(I did go Ooh! Giraffes! Awesome! When I got handed the test though. I’m hoping serious manager man did not hear me.)

Hmm. What else… Oh today is ridiculously GROSS weather-wise. It’s cold, and wet, and I’m sitting at my desk wearing a giant wooly hat, and a nana scarf. I was also going to put on my coat, but its wet, so it might end up making me colder. I can’t wait to get home. I’m going to cook Bex a birthday dinner while draped in a large wooly blanket.

Also, I’ve been feeling a little out of it, and light-headed over the last couple of days. I suspect low blood pressure. Or the Plague. Possibly aliens.

I hope it’s aliens, at least that can be fixed easily.


2 thoughts on “Sea Monkeys.

  1. Sounds like you were able to leave behind the terrible interview pretty effectively, so good on you for that!

    Sea monkeys, eh? Gads, I remember when those were advertised in the back of comic books. LOL We shall be expecting pictures of your new “family”!

  2. Is it bad that I have never seen Sea Monkeys before? I feel deprived. You must post photos.
    Hope its a great Birthday dinner! Looks like we are having 3 lettuce leaves, a slice of bread, some cheese, and some pasta sauce, cos there isnt much else in the pantry!!

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