Five things that went disastrously wrong for me this week. And it is only Tuesday.

1. I locked my keys inside the office on Monday, and had to spend two hours sitting in the hallway staring morosely at my locked door until someone would come open it for me.

The upside: I had time for a pretty awesome mid-day nap. 

2. I managed to be something like 20 minutes late for a meeting in Parliament on Monday and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I was on time, everything was going to plan, then I show up at reception and the clock behind the disapproving receptionists head was all “BAHAHA you are very late”.

The upside: The guy I was meeting was very nice about the whole thing. He barely noticed. Apparently he was very busy reading a newspaper. 

3. I managed to sprain my butt while sparring a kid ten years younger, and 50 light years faster than me, last night. Technically it’s not really ‘sprained’ it’s just very sore, and it forces me to walk up stairs bent over like an arthritic granny, cradling my posterior.

The upside: Who needs dignity?

4. This is from last week, but I’m still angry, so I think it still counts: On Thursday last week the plumber let himself into the house. Without any kind of advance notice from my landlord that he was planning on doing so. Without knocking. While I happened to be only lightly dressed and standing in the middle of the hallway.

Our conversation:
Shannon: Whoah. What the fuck? *Thanks the universe that one of the flatties left a towel in the bathroom*
Plumber: I’m the plumber.
Shannon: I didn’t hear you knock…
Plumber: Oh, I had the key, so I let myself in.
Shannon: Again: I. Didn’t. Hear. You. Knock.  *asshole*

I was very very angry for the remainder of the day, because there is no excuse for rudeness, and in my books, letting yourself into a strangers house without even a courtesy knock is RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.

Also? The hot water has still not been fixed.

The upside: See above. 

5. Today I had a very cool interview for a 4 month contract with an organization I have ALWAYS wanted to work for. Exciting! I got there ten minutes early, and sat at the little cafe thing in their foyer and gave myself a pep-talk about being confident, and kickass, and using my key messages.

I felt it went pretty ok (despite a strange question about whether I’d had to rush) .. Until an hour later, when I got a call from the HR lady. They were making a decision, and there was one question they felt hadn’t been fully answered during the interview: she wanted to know why I was ten minutes late in showing up. I was momentarily stunned, until I remembered my phone’s alarming new habit of turning itself off, and displaying random empty battery signals, when it blatantly should not be empty.

It turns out my phone was running roughly one day and 25 minutes behind schedule, thereby explaining the weirdness of being late to important meetings twice in a row. I really hate being late.

The upside: At least I got an opportunity to apologise and try explain that actually, when it comes to work I’m not flakey at all, I’m the most organised, punctual project coordinator they’d ever employ. 

The downside: I REALLY want that job. I’m going to be really annoyed if I miss out on it, because now I’m going to think that it was because I showed up late, rather than anything else, and that would really bite ass.  


9 thoughts on “Five things that went disastrously wrong for me this week. And it is only Tuesday.

  1. Wow. Those are some epically sucky things… 😦 I hope the week improves for you and that they don’t hold the lateness against you! And you should have a talk to the landlord about the guy using the key. Here the real estate agent isn’t allowed to use the key (or give it out to tradespeople) unless you’ve informed them that no one will be home!!

  2. I hope your week gets better!

    Last night I had a dream, and you were in it. Kinda. It was a Facebook status update from Leaf Probably, and it said you’d just eaten a Pop-Tart for lunch. I think it’s a good sign.

  3. Oh, I know those weeks. I once had a bad week an hour into a Monday.

    But, you’re looking on the positive side of things, even if it is with tongue planted firmly in cheek. 🙂 I’ll keep the fingers crossed about the contract gig!

  4. MoMM: Yeah, I think the head flattie is going to take this up with her. I mean, just because we have an emergency key cunningly hidden in our laundry, doesn’t mean she should tell every tom, Dick, and hippie plumber where we keep it – especially because I am a part-timer, so usually home in the mornings.

    Thoughtsappear: I have never eaten a pop-tart (for lunch or otherwise) but now I kind of want to. Perhaps it was a prophecy dream?

    Geekhiker: I’m keeping my fingers and my toes crossed too. I also painted my nails my lucky silver colour, and I’m totally wearing my lucky underpants.

  5. Erg, sorry about the phone confusion. Mine will sometimes kick to a different time zone and I’ll wonder why I’m an hour off. Hope you get the job, though!! And wth, what service person doesn’t KNOCK before walking into someone’s place of living?? Worth complaining about…

  6. When daylight savings finished my watch spent 2 days loosing time, and it was really annoying. Sucky that you were late to important things though! (I was only late for a coffee date, so was forgiven).
    What a ride ignorant plumber. I would make a complaint to the company if I was you. That is just plain rude (and creepy) – if it’s not your house, KNOCK! Even if the door was wide open with a sign saying “come in” I would knock/call out first, its just common courtesy. The upside of that one should be that you were actually home, I invisage a ‘Target’ style tradesman in underwear drawers had you not been!
    Hope your week has got better 🙂

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