Oh look another list! Are we surprised? No.

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: Today, like most days these days, I have absolutely no idea where I’m steering this post. In fact? Most of the last few weeks I start off with a paragraph about how busy/tired I am, and then launch into a list of what I’ve been up, before slowly ambling towards a conclusion.

I dislike writing like this. I think I prefer to just take one topic at a time, and beat it to glorious death. With words. Unfortunately, busy/tired people don’t seem to have the time for that kind of thing. The most I can manage is a minor mauling, before moving on to the next order of business.

Now we shall proceed with my list of kooky adventures:

1. I worked pretty much every waking hour this weekend. Except for the hour I just spent lying in bed chewing my way through a packet of ZING gum. I fully expect to have a bellyache or something equally terrible tomorrow, but it was awesome and decadent and frivolous, and this weekend really needed an injection of frivolous. Conclusion: Worth it.

2. I got told I look like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind yesterday by a dude I work in the same building with.Apparently this had been bugging him for a while and yesterday he suddenly figured out ‘ahah! THAT’s who she reminds me of!’

I’m thinking Scarlett was kind of a lost soul (ahem, tempestuous bitch…), but I’m sure the sentiment was nice? That or he was trying to say – very discretely – that I’d tucked my giant froofy hooped skirt into my underpants, and no one had thought to tell me? I hate it when that happens.

3. I left my wallet on the bus while I was jugging a bouquet of rapidly dying flowers, stripper heels pretending to be work shoes, and a giant box of heavy brochures. It ended up in Karori of all places, so now I have to go out there tomorrow and retrieve it. I am very glad that it didn’t just disappear.

4. I FINALLY managed to get an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow, which is good because I’m out of meds and feeling all kinds of anxious and jittery. That was not a fun combination when added to the stress of this weekends conference. And losing my wallet.

5. For four beautiful, sun-filled days I had sea monkeys. Now I can’t see them swimming around anymore… Maybe they’re sleeping? (Please. PLEASE let them be sleeping.) 

6. Last night I went to an ice-cream buffet. With six flavors. And hot fudge sauce, and a selection of nuts, and marshmallows on toothpicks. There was also other buffet things happening like vegetables, and mains and salads, but I only had eyes for the ice-cream. At one point the president of the organisation stood up and was all “I think we need to thank the conference organisers for a wonderful conference on blah blah blah my experience in this field has left blah blah and now I welcome the dinner speaker, and our esteemed guest blah blah blah.” 

And NOT ONCE did he mention the fact that there was an ice-cream buffet. With six flavors to choose from. I have to say, I was a little scandalized. What kind of an event was this, anyhow?!

7. I start my new job on Tuesday. I am nervous. Not in the least because I have so very much to wrap up at my old job in the next month.

Um… now… Conclusion… Ah fuck it. I’m tired. I’m going to go watch a movie I think. Conclusion: Wo NZ Music Month! May is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Oh look another list! Are we surprised? No.

  1. You are gonna ROCK this new job. It’s just who you are.
    I think I would have been equally excited about the ice cream bar. You were able to EAT some of the ice cream, right?
    Working on weekends is so exhausting! AND stressful! Hopefully you’ll be able to rest your head soon!
    And speaking of.. I’m sure the monkeys are totally sleeping. After all, they’ve been up for 4 days straight. 🙂

  2. You’ll be fine at the new gig. Nerves are normal. In fact, they’re a good sign: they’re an indication that you want to do a good job (vs., say, being a slacker who doesn’t care). That’s awesome.

    And now, darn you, I want to get some ice cream…

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