At least I know which one my desk is – it’s the one by the giant sombrero…

So. I just got back and ate some lunch, and now I’m about to run off to job number two – where I need to write a resignation letter for my file, recommend some recruitment focuses, and write a few minor exit recommendations, along with a comprehensive guide to my job, finish transcribing the AGM and NC minutes, and put together a conference report. So… just an average afternoon really…

Anyway, I met a LOT of people today. Most of them had names. And job titles. To be honest I’m just feeling like it’s a good thing I can still remember my own name and job title. Also I got lost twice. Once while looking for the bathroom, and the other time while looking for my floor. *Hint* it’s not the ninth floor. Although the people there are very nice.

Luckily my desk is reasonably easy to find. I head to the stuffed pony wearing a giant orange sombrero and then turn left. (In other news, I hear this place has an active social club. And by active, I think they mean raucous.

Also? I had a meeting today. I walked in clutching a huge stack of stationary that another Project Coordinator had given me for my desk and sat down, and all of a sudden I was on a vidcom, and being introduced to more people and we were talking about the project specifications, and business rules, and content imput versus output.

Of course when I say “we talked”.. I’m being very loose with my definition of ‘we‘. Mostly it was more a case of ‘they‘. Although I did speak up once: I said hello. Then I joked about a KFC burger.

I’m pretty sure I’m making a good impression.

Wo! New Zealand Music Month!

Avalanche City: Love Love Love.


5 thoughts on “At least I know which one my desk is – it’s the one by the giant sombrero…

  1. OH NOES! when are you leaving? Who’s taking your place?

    Make sure they’re cool, otherwise I won’t have anyone to talk to anymore. BTW I got my minnows today THEY ARE SO COOL.

  2. Hey Chris, Yup, I’m leaving!! I work at UNANZ till the 27th (I think. It’s 3 weeks from now!) and then I’m out of the office for good. I’m hoping to get someone awesome in as a replacement, though, so with any luck, you’ll still have someone to chat to!

    Ah! Minnows! So what did you call them?? Have you posted a gazillion photos of them yet? I hope so, otherwise you are remiss in being a fish-daddy.

  3. Nobody’s giving you the evil look of death, so that sounds like a pretty good first day. Did they laugh at your joke about the KFC burger?

  4. Yay you! Make yourself unforgetable (in a good way) and we cross our fingers for an extension on the 4 months.
    In other news. Liam got his full licence!

  5. Wait, I thought you didn’t have collegues? That’s why you were moving? Because you were lonely, and there were no windows!

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