First Day Jitters

So. Today is my first day at my new job. Or to be accurate, One and a half hours from now, I’ll be strolling into my new workplace, dressed in the most corporate outfit I can cludge together from my sadly depleted corporate wardrobe.

Big Governmental Org* is actually happy to employ me in a part-time basis while I work out my notice period with UNANZ. Which is nice! However it does mean that I’ll be spending the next month running between my jobs. I’ll work at Big Governmental in the mornings (necessitating me making friends with 7.00 in the morning again) and The Organisation in the evenings…

My Mum thinks that I should offer to continue on at the old job in the weekends as a contractor, but quite honestly, I don’t think The Organisation could afford it. They don’t have very much in the budget for employees – considering they could only afford one of them to begin with.

Another idea was that I could continue on with doing the newsletter, and again, get paid as a contractor. Considering someone approached me last month and asked whether I’d be willing to do it for free (which is a little cheeky, considering the last editor used to get paid $1000 an issue) I don’t think it’s a possibility.

I think overall I’m looking forward to just having one job to pay the bills, and all my weekends free for my stuff, rather than conferences, and AGM’s, and meetings. Not that that ice-cream buffet wasn’t a totally awesome perk…

So is anyone else getting the sense that I’m procrastinating? Yes? Me too!

I’m all nervy, and re-thinking my outfit, and did you know that last night I ironed every single piece of ironable clothing I own? It took hours. I have burns on my fingers.

Ok. I’m going to go feed myself. Aw, and my Dad just texted to tell me good luck! Psh, as if I need it. I’m totally going to go make-out with a rabbits foot after this.

Wo! New Zealand Music Month!

Zowie: Broken Machine


2 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. Same thoughts as Melbourne… being in the states, interacting across the blog is like working through some weird temporal rift… wait, I think I just over-geeked-out.

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