5 things that make me feel luxurious. (Rather than just monetarily challenged.)

Bling, Jenny Downing

1. Lighting candles every night to read by.

Of course, I read from my laptop… But still, candles make me feel luxurious and decadent, because I’m just using something up with no thought to how soon it’s going to run out. Of course I only buy $2 Shop packets of 100 tea lights… so it’s not like I’m REALLY being wasteful with money.

2. Having a tidy room.

I’m not just talking tidy, either, I’m talking from the pages of an interior decorating magazine tidy. It takes only a few seconds to put everything back in it’s place, and it makes me feel like I’m living in a rich person’s house, complete with maid!

3. Delicious scents. 

During summer I brought some indian fig scented essential oil, and I use it in my oil burner almost every night. It makes my room smell like an exotic harem!

4. My gym membership.

In the city everyone has a gym membership. I’m talking EVERYONE. Even me – despite my restrictive budget, I don’t really see it as optional – especially because it’s essential for managing my depression. BUT when you think about it, it’s actually quite luxurious, paying a gym to workout in fun ways to awesome music, when you could really get the same effect from just running around the block. AND my gym has a whole floor of boxing bags, and a mini sparring ring! I think that’s straight-up decadent.

Also? My regular gym has an awesome sauna. And the gym I’m using for the next four weeks has one too. Now that’s luxury!

5. Taking the time every morning to paint on eyeshadow.

With a makeup brush. It makes me feel like an artist, and like I have all the time in the world. Even when I actually only have another minute before I leave the house, I’ll use it to do my eyes, rather than anything useful, like popping a load of washing on, cleaning the kitchen, or unloading the dishwasher. Besides, us rich people have maids for that sort of thing, dahlings. 

Wo! New Zealand Music Month!

Zowie: Bite Back.


3 thoughts on “5 things that make me feel luxurious. (Rather than just monetarily challenged.)

  1. I love little luxuries! And I feel the same about my gym membership–short of rent and utilities, it’s my highest monthly cost. But a necessity. I like your tea light idea, candles make everything seem romantic and richer.

  2. These are the little things that make life feel worth living. Having something to look forward to is so important. What that something actually is, is not that important. Been meaning to mention that just looking at the photos of the leaves in the borders of your blog page makes me happy.

    That’s what I think. :o)

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