Delightfully Coy.

So, on day five of  le nouveau job… I have very little to report. I got lost again yesterday and visited the nice people on the ninth floor again.

My HR lady is being delightfully coy about who my actual manager is – one could almost speculate that they have not actually assigned me to one. (My day-to-day manager is a contractor, so he can’t sign anything leave or HR related.)

I also figured out that my phone hasn’t rung once, because actually it’s not set up yet – and that’s why our integrated email/calendar/phone system keeps informing me that I’m in calls with other people and late for meetings. Before today I wondered if it was just a quirk of the system.

Also, my computer insisted that I was late to ‘thank Alison’ today. I was all “But I don’t know Alison… Do I?” but my computer insisted, so off I went to find Alison. It was nice, there was a speech, and biscuits, and we did the quiz from the newsletter. I’m still not exactly clear on who Alison is, but she sounds like a really nice person. She’s certainly done a lot for the organisation, and I’m sure we’ll all miss her. (If she is, in fact, leaving…. It was unclear.)

Also, today I got some actual work to do. I have to say, I was a little relieved – there’s only so long I can spend reading over old project reports, and playing with the Intranet.

(Also? The Intranet? It has a micro blogging thing! It’s my medium!)

(Except it’s all work-related. And serious.)

And finally? my meeting with my boss-dude today was held in a chocolate shop. A. Chocolate. Shop. I think I have found my people.

The job itself… Well it’s still a little early to say, but I’m not really enjoying the process of going from a position with loads of responsibility and initiative and very little management, to somewhere where I’m at the bottom of the heap again, with no direct responsibility, and bureaucratic processes.

I don’t think I’ve made a mistake, because while it’s not a step up, it gives me experience working in areas I’m interested in being a little higher up in future. But still. I am going to miss having my freedom. And being creative.

I will not miss being poor. I already have a list of stuff I’ve been meaning to buy a mile-long. My first pay-check will dwindle rather rapidly!!

3 Reasons for Shannon to work in a real full time job:

Winter coats

Specifically white winter coats. It will only remain white for the first five minutes I own it, and then I’ll spill something on it, or sit in mud or something, but for those five minutes I’ll have the most luxurious colour coat around.

My current black winter coat is a hand-me-down from Becks. The lining is ripped, and the belt is so worn I’ve had to turn it around, and buckle it backwards. I did have a lady stop me in the street and tell me how much she loved it though. She was all “Is it vintage?” and I was like “Ah, it’s second-hand.” Then she gave me a lecture about how her whole life was second-hand and she never felt ashamed, because often she was more original, and better put together than all the other women in their rip-off designer clothing.

Gym Shoes

I have a love-hate relationship with the gym, in that I love to hate it. Especially when gym becomes short-hand for running. Which, it kind of has. *Gag.* And mostly? That running is on an incline on the treadmill, which is a fancy way of saying UPHILL.

(Oh, my poor, innocent feet.)


Although, actually, if you look at item number 1-2 on this list… I don’t seem to be very focused on this at all. EVEN though I have a goal of being overdraft-free by August.


And finally, I know I’ve said this before, but this whole thing is really exhausting! I get home after a half day at the new job, and a few hours at the old one, and I crawl into bed – at ike 5pm! I’ll read for an hour, eat something that vaguely qualifies as dinner, and then sleep. And I’m talking heavy sleep.

It’s actually really nice that I can sleep though, because I had a short break from meds before going back on them this week, and I was scared that I’d have issues with interrupted sleep again (Because oh boy that would not be fun.)

I’m also glad, about the heavy sleeping, because I’ve been getting up at 6.30am. I’m kind of notoriously slow (and just a touch grumpy) in the morning. It takes me every last second of an hour and a half to get ready, and arrive on time, for an 8am start.

I had to warn some of the people I work with about the fact that I’m ‘not at my best’ in the mornings, because I think I might have accidentally snarled at the lady who sits next to me. Also my boss, who says a nice cheery good morning! to me every morning when I stumble in at 8am. To which I’m fairly certain my standard response is grrrrr.”

Wo! New Zealand Music Month! 

The Exiles: The One.


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