A Little Sunday Afternoon Dreaming

Today I have been dreaming… I’ve been dreaming and researching. About houses.

I have this dream, of owning my own space, that I can fill with all my own stuff. A space where I can have a cat, and a dog if I want them, even a large drooling, accidentally destructive dog, and a demanding, furry shedding cat. (Is there any other kind?)

I want some place I can wander around naked without wondering if I’m going to accidentally flash a flatmate – or worse – a friend of a flatmate. A space that I can fill with stuff, and decorate, and renovate, and change at will. A space where I don’t have to worry about coasters, and chore charts, and being a conscientious house-mate.

So I’ve been researching. On my current salary, I could get a home loan for just over 400,000. Which would take me a very, very long time to pay off.

Only the places I’ve been looking at, and dreaming of owning, and having pets in, and filling with stuff? Well those are quite a bit more expensive than my modest hypothetical 400,000 budget.

Like this one here:

This dreamy apartment is very modestly titled BEST VALUE WATERFRONT IN WELLINGTON!! You can tell it’s true, because it has two exclamation marks. At 111m2 with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a ratable value of $580,000, it’ll be going to auction, which means: Shannon? Please stop dreaming, because you cannot afford this.  

Also? It’s all sexy and exposed brick, which gives it a certain character that I really like, meaning: it makes me get all shivery inside. Mmm. Exposed brick.

There are all kinds of other pictures of this apartment, but I honestly can’t get past the living space. Can’t you just see me curled up in here on a huge modern couch, surrounded by books? perhaps with some kind of a sleek and eye catching lamp to read by? Also a Great Dane couch-potato dog to share my large couch with? And a view of the port? Yes? Me too.

*By the way, I’ve been all kinds of helpful, in linking all of these photos to the advertisements, just in case you want to have a closer look and join me in a little unrealistic dreaming. 

Next up I found myself drooling over this Penthouse Apartment in the heart of Lambton Quay:

It’s sprawled over two floors, has a ratable value of $860,00, three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 109m2. 

It has a curvaceous modern kitchen, which I really like, although it’s layout is a little strange on this floor, I love love LOVE this next feature:

What you’re looking at there is a view of central city, and the harbor, an a huge balcony that my large fluffy cat will just adore. And While we’re at it? I think I’d just adore it too.


STYLE PLUS LOCATION – WOW! Wow, indeed. This is a pretty top floor apartment, with a stately view over the city, and I might have cried when I first saw it because: Ratable Value $1,050,000, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 200m2
offers over $925,000 – Which is twice my hypothetical budget, and then some.

But, BUT, look at the view that this stately old lady boasts! That big tall building there? The curvacious one? with all the windows? That’s where I work now. I could string up a flying fox from this balcony, to my office window, and never be late again!

And then there’s this:

This right here? This is Heaven. Otherwise known as enough room to swing a cat, AND a Weimaraner. AND? It’s one of three bedrooms, that look roughly the same size. If you’re keeping count, that’s three cats, and a veritable pack of Weimaraners.


This masterpiece right here? This is an Apartment to be proud of – RV $860 000. 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 207 square metres of sophisticated living space.

Unfortunately said masterpiece doesn’t have a price, instead the owners very coyly say ‘price by negotiation’. I have a firm rule when it comes to pricing: If you have to ask, you cannot afford it.

Yes. I am talking to you SHANNON. 

Wait… Is that exposed Brick I spy?! *Melt*

And Finally?:

This personality plus City Fringe Circa 1890. It’s located in one of my favorite bohemian suburbs, 3 bedrooms two bathrooms, with an asking price $200,000 over my budget.

If you whitewash out the fugly curtains and furniture, you have a room that I could find myself very very comfortable in. Perhaps with stone gray furniture, a splash of colour on the floor in a textured red rug, some bold artwork, and drop-down blinds, finished off with piles of books stacked into sleek bookshelves dotted around the room.

Again, ignore the strange set up of mirrored vanities, and weird choice of bed covering, and you’ll find a light, and airy bedroom equipped with a fireplace, to keep me, my hyperactive Boxer dog,and my fat, contented house-cat comfortable during winter.

Next we come to one of the two bathrooms, complete with sexy tiling and large bath, perfect for lounging in.

And finally? All of this grandeur, and character, and sexiness is capped off with a restored period stair case. *Le sigh*.

And did I mention that this is all for roughly $200,000 over my hypothetical budget? Yes? Oh. Never-mind then. 


Wo! New Zealand Music Month!

The Naked and the Famous: Girls Like You.


9 thoughts on “A Little Sunday Afternoon Dreaming

  1. One must dream!!! I want to buy a new home. We bought this home 14 years ago. I think it’s time for a change. Although, I’ve been dreaming of that since forever and here I am….still in the same home lol

  2. Dreaming about owning a house is all I can do too. Sure, I could get a home loan based on my current salary, but the repayments on even a $200,000 mortgage would be like 2/3 of my take home salary each month… So no home owning for Kirsti any time soon *sigh*

    Unless, you know, I find myself a rich husband… I love love LOVE the top floor apartment with a view of your office. Perhaps you need to start playing the lottery??

  3. All those places look sooo nice. But since they are over your dream budget, I can say freely, “They all look so difficult to clean!” still, sooo pretty

  4. WOW! Loved the apartment with the exposed brick and the old white house with that fabulous balcony, overlooking your work building.

    Having your own space is so nice. I have just gone from owning my apartment to back to renting but I am lucky enough that I could have my own furniture mostly and I can do more or less what I want including keeping my cats, so I am pretty happy about that. It does make a difference.

  5. I don’t want to rain on your dream but owning your own home is over- rated, esspecially on a tight budget.

    You could end up in some dodgy place, stuck with a huge debt for a very long time. Any changes at this point become very expensive.

    Find the right place to rent and enjoy the freedom, changes and mobility it allows

  6. Heh – I’ve lived in L.A. and S.F. I know what it’s like to drool over places I can’t afford. Hell, I know what it’s like to drool over dumpy little boxes selling for a million (which, btw, I can’t afford).

    At least camping is still pretty cheap…

  7. Dare to dream! Just don’t turn all crazy on us like I have, and actually go to the bank and apply for the debt, and then put an offer on a house…
    Yeah, so we are moving next month! I am wavering between quivering with excitement, and quivering with fear.

  8. I can’t even imagine how long it would take me to pay off a debt of $400,000. Barf, it makes me nauseous.

    That first place with the exposed brick is my favorite. Brick makes me melt too. Something about it is so cozy and nice.

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