A little pre-7am tantrum.

Guess what? I’m going to the trouble to post – at 6.51am – to tell you all about how much I hate mornings.

I hate mornings this much:


I hate mornings because my alarm goes off and makes loud annoying noises, when I could be sleeping. I hate loud annoying noises when I could be sleeping.

I hate mornings because I can’t lie in bed and read romance novels, I have to get up, and get dressed. Ugh. Dressed. I hate getting dressed.

I hate mornings because I have to take medication, and then I have to figure out what to eat and then eat it in the next ten minutes so that I don’t feel queezy. And you know what? I’m never hungry for actual food in the mornings. Sure I could eat a cupcake, or a muffin, or maybe some yoghurt, but my nutritionist tells me off for stuff like that, so I have to actually make cereal. Or Porridge. And then eat it. I hate breakfast time.

I hate mornings because it’s a constant count down to when I have to be at work being productive, and saving the world, and that’s a lot of expectation to be on my shoulders at 6.58am.

I hate mornings because I have to make decisions about whether I’m going to risk wearing my broken heels again – even though I know that any second now they’re actually going to break, but I love them, and they’re the only work appropriate shoes I have. For someone who waffles on about important decisions, that’s a lot of decision to have to make this early.

I hate mornings because people say cheerful things at you and you have to respond.

I hate mornings because there are emails waiting.

I hate mornings because it’s now 7.01 and I’m STILL sleepy.

I hate, HATE mornings because they’re cold, and my bed is warm, and if I get out my arms are going to freeze, and so are my legs, and I might get so cold I won’t be able to feel my toes anymore. I hate not being able to feel my toes.

The number one reason I hate mornings? Because they’re not still the middle of the night, and I’m not still sleeping. And that is why mornings suck, and why I should be allowed to sleep until 10am every day, because I. Genuinely. Hate. Mornings.

And you know what? I’m not so fond of winter, either. 


7 thoughts on “A little pre-7am tantrum.

  1. “I hate mornings because people say cheerful things at you and you have to respond.”
    I hate that most of all.
    And I hate winter. Winter I hate. But in my neck of the woods, summer is right around the corner, making mornings a tad more bearable. But I’m already dreading next winter because that’s how I am. I can’t just enjoy the moment. I must worry when that moment will end.

  2. I feel like you do about mornings when I’m working. When I’m camping, though, it’s a whole ‘nother story, since I slip into sun-time and generally go to bed not long after sundown, and am up for hiking or whatever early the next day.

    Unless it’s cold outside, which makes crawling out of the sleeping bag a real b*tch… 🙂

  3. Weird! As you know I’m a morning kind of guy. I also like winter because spring is just around the corner.
    I find mornings great just to catch up with things (like emails/blogs) that I feel if I do them during the day then I’m taking away time from the people around me.
    Again,weird ay. LU

  4. I’m more a morning person than I am a night owl. But I’m not one of those “get up all peppy at 5am” types. Once I’m awake, there’s no going back to sleep. But getting out of bed (especially when it’s 11.5° IN MY BEDROOM, like it was this morning!) is always a bit of a struggle during winter.

    I’m actually kind of looking forward to my pending unemployment because it means I’ll get to sleep in for a while!

    Oh, also? Don’t wear the broken heels. I did once, and they chose to break so badly that I had to ring my mum and ask her to bring me another pair of shoes at lunchtime because I couldn’t really leave my desk…

  5. I’m a morning person. But after about 4pm, I become a grumpy, tired old monster. So, I understand how you feel in reverse!

  6. Mornings suck so much that I frequently just skip them. My bed is always so warm, and sometimes my cat comes to snuggle up with me, and it’s just too nice to leave 😦

  7. You must have the sympathy of at least half the world’s population. I hate early starts so much that I gave up my second job (the second job that was forced upon me because nobody’s buying my books, by the way). 7 days a week was just getting too much!

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