It’s not about the money. Except when it is.

I’m trying not to get overly excited this morning, but oh my god, it’s the first payday at my new job, and ladies and gentlemen? I would now like to perform my take on the 1933 hit “We’re In The Money”.

Except… I’m not really a singer, so instead we can all pretend like I had some marvellous choreographed piece to dazzle you all, complete with 50 sequined backup dancers, and a dramatic ending. I’ll just wait here while you finish imagining that.


When I signed on to my bank account this morning – wondering if I had enough to grab breakfast on the run this morning – the clouds outside my window parted, sunlight streamed in to my bedroom, and the angels sang. It sounded a lot like when you win the jackpot in a casino.

I immediately paid off all my bills, and put money aside for savings. I read an article the other day about how your discretionary spending and bills should all come out of 80% of the money, 10% should be saved for a savings goal (like travel) and 10% should be saved for long-term ‘Wealth Creation’. The catch is that you do it backwards, so you take 20% and send it off into savings accounts, then you pay all your bills, and THEN you look at anything left over.

I used to pay all my bills, and then sometimes put something aside for later in the fortnight. Ie: Savings FAIL.

You know what? I love having money. It’s awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go join my 50 sequined back-up dancers for a tongue-in-cheek rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’… It’s not about the money, except that it so totally is.

Also? I wrote this post six hours ago – right before I ran off to pick up a super cheap goldfish aquarium. So now I have two tiny minnows, and two tiny guppies floating around in 20 litres of water, wondering where the hell everyone else is. I brought it from some primary school fundraiser, because apparently I am very concerned about kids education now. (Yeah, I laughed too.)


3 thoughts on “It’s not about the money. Except when it is.

  1. One should never mention wealth within eye-shot of a struggling writer. It’s not the done thing. He/she’ll expect you to buy at least two of his/her (no let’s be honest) HIS books. Or at least a download or two.

  2. Nope, you’re not gonna get off that easy. If you’re rolling around in piles of cash like this now, I demand you post a video of you singing “I’m in the money”! 😉

  3. Concur! altogether now “We’re in the money…” Or “Thanks very much for your kind donation….” lol.
    Very happy for you kiddo.. enjoy the freedom. lu

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