Good Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce that I had a good day. It’s been nice, because I feel like I’ve had a lot of bad, stressy days lately.

This weekend has been freaking brilliant for me. I got a chance to relax and wind down from the stress of working two jobs. I got a chance to go shoe shopping – TWICE. Both times were entirely unsuccessful because aparantly there are no non-boring work heels out there at the moment. AND I’m still unsuccessful on Mission One – which was to find a totally awesome winter coat.

Despite the consumerism fail I did manage to buy myself a sufficiently intellectually stimulating magazine to read while treating myself to a sushi-train lunch. I sat there for a good long time, and listened to americans talking about film work (there’s a bunch of them in Wellington for the Hobbit) and eating a truly ridiculous amount of deliciousness, and reflected on the fact that eating in a place like that on my own woul have been terrifying to me as an 18 year old.

Like, in my first week in Wellington, I didn’t eat until I got home at the end of the day, because I didn’t want people to watch me eating alone in the city, and think I had no friends/ or that I was fat.

Twenty five year old me wants so very badly to slap the phobia out of myself, it’s not funny.

Other things I got up to this weekend:

– Ran into an ex flattie while meeting up with a friend for coffee. He looked happy and relaxed, and we had a quick catch up. I’m glad because I regretted falling out of touch with him. (Potentially because I went on to date his former best friend?)

– Had a fun interaction with an american grandmother trying to find knitting supplies. (“Where is Cuba Mall?” “You’re on it.” “But I can’t be!” “…Ok then.”)

– Watched my awesome flatmate do the final Wellington show of Rent. She was definitely the best. And I’m not biased in any way.

– Dodged weird and creepy tongue in broad daylight from a strangely awkward bald dude. (Yes. Really.) (Honestly, it ranks up there in my ‘surreal moments’ list.) (It doesn’t help that I had the beginning of a mighty migraine, otherwise I’d definitely have seen it coming sooner.) 


6 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Dodge a tongue? What kind of hobbits are you breeding down there?
    Great day. Nice.

  2. Well, good for the good day. Everyone needs one of those. Every so often, at least.

    Eating alone? I usually just take a book or a magazine. Makes it easier not to be so self-conscious, plus it gives you something to look at rather than the eyes of strangers!

  3. OK, you’re going to have to ellaborate on the “dodge a tounge” thing. I’m having all sorts of crazy visions here…

    Good luck on the shopping mission. Isn’t it Murphys law that when you’re looking, you can’t find anything!

  4. Thoughts: Meh, it would have been better if I’d found the perfect pair of shoes!

    Dad: Socially awkward ones?

    Geekhiker: Yeah, I’m a big fan of the Magazine thing, but I also love people watching. I figure sonce I’ve never thought ‘oh my god that person is all alone and eating! how embarrassing’ then probably no one’s thinking that about me. Despite what I used to think when I was younger!

    Adey: What to elaborate on… Its all pretty self explanatory, really. Bald man +Tongue in my personal space = Me getting the hell out of dodge!

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