The saga of the cute but absent phone.

So, I brought this really cute phone off the internet. It’s a cheapo rip-off of the iphone, but I didn’t care, because my current mobile is very very old, and it’s developed this scary habit of turning itself off at odd times.

Anyway, my phone hit the post on Thursday, and arrived in Wellington on Friday, and then it disappeared. I called the courier company – PBT – and it took me speaking to four different people and emailing once (that still hasn’t received a response) for them to admit that they’ve lost it and they’re looking at camera footage of their distribution centre.

Which I’m assuming is a euphemism for ‘one of our staff members probably stole it because we have lax security and no systems in place to ensure that our 1-3 day delivery claim is backed up.’

Trust me the swearing that I did while in the stairwell at work (because I don’t want to get a rep as that crazy chick with the rage issues) was epic.


3 thoughts on “The saga of the cute but absent phone.

  1. No, I can make a claim, but they’re still looking for it, so it’s too soon for me to make a claim. Meaning it’s going to take a while before I can get my money back. (if they end up paying me out at all!) (Fingers crossed that won’t be an issue though.)

  2. last year the DC of one of the local courier companies lost 16 laptops on route to us. SIXTEEN!

    Hope you get the phone soon

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