My desk is covered in glitter right now.

I am covered in glitter right now, because on Friday I brought a $2 pencil case to use as a wallet, only it was covered in silver and black glitter leopard print. Now whenever I pick it up there is a shower of sliver and black glitter. I look like a teenage girls makeup drawer.

Anyway, I had a good weekend! I did lots of sweatting on Saturday, then competed on Sunday, and then Monday was a public holiday here so I had a date (kind of a bad one!) and then went to a show with chinese acrobats! And sat RIGHT behind all the Ambassadors, and VIP’s. You’d think that would be cooler than it actually was. In reality it was kind of annoying. They kept taking photos of them, and blinding me with flash.

Oh and I got gold in patterns for TKD. It sounds cooler than it was because I was having an off-day, and there was only one other guy who I was competing against, and I lost my balance, so actually I probably didn’t deserve the gold as much as he did. Our team pattern did ok, we got silver which made the kidlets happy.

I ended up pulling out of breaking in the end though. I spent my afternoon marshalling, and by the time 4pm rolled around I’d been at the hall for 9 hours, I was tired, and the screaming kids were beginning to get to me. Also? All the other events were finished so there were a couple of hundred spectators gathered around the breaking ring, and I couldn’t bring myself to get up in front of them all. Stage fright! The only reason I ever enter breaking is that usually no one’s paying attention it it, and I can pick a time when no one else is around to do it.

I decided to go home and lie in a dark room for a couple of hours instead. My plans for napping were interupted by some douch on my street protesting with a loud speaker. By then I was cranky enough to want to go on out there and beat him senseless with his own stupidity. 

Since I’m not sitting in a police cell right now, I think we can all safely assume I decided not to go down there and give him a peice of my mind…

How was your weekend? Did you get up to much?


4 thoughts on “My desk is covered in glitter right now.

  1. Your weekend sounds like it was great! I’d totally leave out the part of the story where you were only competing against one other guy for the gold. You deserve to be smug and superior about that achievement!!

    My weekend consisted of spending Saturday on the sofa watching TV and not moving, and Sunday was spent at work for the gallery’s grand opening festival. So. Many. Small. Children…

    We’ve got a long weekend this weekend, and I get Friday off in lieu – four day weekend! Yaaaaaaaay!!! 😀

  2. I dunno. I kinda think you should’a dressed up like a ninja, snuck up on him from a different street, put some of those TKD skills to good use, stole his loud speaker, and disappeared back into the night. Just my two cents…

    Or, alternatively, you could have gone outside and thrown a bucket of glitter on him.

  3. Me too on the protesters! I hate being yelled at too. I’m far more likely to listen and simpathise if they just tell me what they’re for or against, and why I should think about being for or against it too.

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