The ugly step-sister day.

I’m having such an ugly step-sister day right now.

For starters I’m not in a very good mood, and I’m feeling all snotty about my phone, which, when you think about it is just a junky pile of plastic and glass. It’s not like it actually means anything, but I am still pissed off that I don’t have it in my hot little impatient hand.

Also? I wore a dress this morning that I have issues with. It’s dull gray, and beige, and black, and It’s something I’d never buy for myself because the colours are all blah and the fabric is blah, and the cut of it is blah, and it just doesn’t excite me. Except I got it for free from a friend doing a closet clear out, and I’m sort of short on work-appropriate attire, so I’m wearing it. But I just don’t feel good in it. My dress is blah, therefore I am blah.

Cue ugly step-sister moment.

Of course my shoes are fabulous… So that’s a plus.

In other news, I still haven’t heard back from the courier company that lost my phone. Except someone finally replied to my email from yesterday, saying that they’d make sure my redirection address is recorded… Kind of NOT what I was emailing about. And where exactly are they going to record this address? On the package they have LOST? The package that no one has seen since Friday morning? The package that no one thought to check up on until I had called three different people to try and see exactly where the hell it was?

Ugh. Still angry.

See?! Ugly step-sister moment!


3 thoughts on “The ugly step-sister day.

  1. Oh no! that’s not an ugly step sister moment! But that kind of feeling of impatience is pretty common in the States. Maybe we’ve had a bad influence on you! I still think you’re Cinderella!

  2. Nah, not ugly. You have perfectly valid reasons for being in a foul mood. Well, at least in regards to the phone. As a dude, I can’t really comment on one’s mood being ruined by wearing a bad dress…

  3. I totally hear you on the outfit thing. The wrong outfit can ruin your day. Like a bad hair day except you can actually see the fabric of your outfit all day, whereas most of the time you don’t have to look in a mirror at your hair for 8 hours.

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