Still no phone, but I do have a luxurous new fluffy pillow, and a Linked In profile… These things are unrelated… Obviously.

Do you like the stones? I somehow managed to lose the leaf border in an upgrade thing, and then I was going to replace them, but actually I kind of like the river stones. They’re very winter, and Wellington is very winter right now. Also I can’t find the free ipad background that I used originally on the net, and I failed to save it to my laptop as a failsafe. Naturally.

The cute but absent phone company have agreed to replace the phone that PBT couriers ‘lost’ in transit, and they’re going to pursue my claim for me – because the courier company wouldn’t let me pursue a claim, as I wasn’t the one who SENT the goods. Even though the money they’d be refunding would be to the company, who would effectively be paid twice for a phone that I have not yet received once.

When I tried to point out this lack of sense the customer services representative giggled nervously and failed to explain why on earth they couldn’t consider paying me for my property.

In other news, I went shopping at the warehouse last night with Jasmyne and her friend Evie, and I brought the whole store. I was all ‘I’m just going to look for potting mix’ and then half an hour later I haul back a trolley with a new mink blanket, throw-pillows for africa, 20kg’s worth of terracotta pots, 40 litres of potting mix, my own body weight in chocolate, exciting new miracle makeup products… and pretty much everything else in the store I could cram into my shopping cart.

Fred the fern is getting transplanted tonight into his new GIANT pot, My Daphne is getting a top-up of potting mix, and I’m going to get a few more pot plants to turn my room into the luxurious, sumptuous, comfortable, warm winter wonderland that I want it to be. (I’m all about the key words.)

I decided to ‘rebrand’ my room in black, rich gray, and red highlights….

The mink blanket (Obviously fake, because EW.) feels like puppies, and last night I dreamed I was surrounded by warm cuddly puppies all night, and when I woke up I was hugging an arm full of soft mink cushions and bed cover, and trying to decidde if I wanted to call them Walter The Dog, or Mr Wooftastic.

It was slightly disapointing to realise that I hadn’t aquired a Newfoundland overnight, but on the up-side, I’m pretty much never going to complain about vivid dreams of baby animals. The vivid dreams of axe-murderers are the ones that I’m really iffy on.

I mean, axe murderers are really hard to find a good name for.

And finally, What do you guys think of Linked In? I checked my old profile (that I started a year ago and forgot about) last night, and it turns out that you can see who’s viewed you recently, and four of the people I’d had interviews with had taken a look at me…

So I figure it’s a good thing to keep up to date, right? Hmm. I also managed to track down some old bosses, and references, and people that I’ve worked with and fell out of contact with, and I’ve added them as contacts… but now what? Does it mean anything? Is it just proof that my CV isn’t lying for future potential employers?

Someone described it as facebook for old people, and I have to say, if this is what old people think facebook is like, no wonder they don’t like social networking. It’s freaking boring!

Do you guys have linked in? Do you use it? What for?



4 thoughts on “Still no phone, but I do have a luxurous new fluffy pillow, and a Linked In profile… These things are unrelated… Obviously.

  1. New plants are exciting! The Warehouse sometimes does that to me too – occasionally I can’t even remember arriving at the store, but suddenly I’m home surrounded by suspicious red plastic bags…

    I’m on Linked In – but I’m not sure why. My (middle-aged) boss suggested we should all sign on, so we did, and then we just kind of sat around staring at each other. Aside from being spammed about jobs in WA and the Middle East, I can’t say it’s done much for me!

  2. Does the new background mean you’ll be changing the name of your blog to “Stoned Probably”? No, wait, that might communicate the wrong idea…

    I think the whole idea of LinkedIn is to give people from FaceBook a web presence… one that doesn’t have pictures of them doing naked drunken dances on tabletops…

  3. I have a linked in account, but I rarely use it. I’m afraid facebook has eaten the entire internet. Except for twitter. Most of the professionals I know have a linkedin account, but they are mostly active on Twitter using hashtags that correspond with their professional interests.

    Fancy right? But I recommend keeping the linked in profile updated as people will stop and stare at you from time to time, and since it’s solid professional networking, it can be a useful tool.
    And I totally agree with geekhiker

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