My awesome new hobby.

Let me introduce you to my new hobby. It is called stalking.

My new hobby isn’t about stalking people, though. It’s about stalking my cute new phone through the courier system. Here is how you take up my awesome time consuming new hobby:

First you have a cute new phone, or even a cute new replacement phone sent to you through a courier company that you’re a bit iffy on.

Then you call, email, fax, and bug, bug, bug the cute new phone company until they give in and send you a tracking number.

Then you go to the iffy courier companies website, and type in your tracking number, and click ‘GO’. Then you scroll down until you find where your package is, and where it has been, and the places it has yet to go – ie, your hot little impatient hands.

Then you refresh, just in case your package has moved in the last twenty seconds.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Growing slightly more obsessed by your fun new time consuming hobby, you email the nervous customer services representative who bore the brunt of your anger about the cute new phone that did not arrive.

You tell your new customer services representative all about your new hobby, and about how your package was last moved at 6.46am to the Wellington Distribution centre, and how you’re getting worried, and could someone go check it? Or perhaps someone could deliver it to you so that you can check it?

Then you think perhaps the email isn’t enough… So you decide to phone stalk the tracking service, just in case the website is broken, and your package is now, right this minute on a delivery truck to you! …

It isn’t.

The phone operator advises you to keep an eye on the website. So you log back on to the iffy courier company’s tracking website, and refresh the tracking page just in case your package has miraculously moved in the last five minutes of crazed stalking activity.

It hasn’t.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


3 thoughts on “My awesome new hobby.

  1. I did much the same on something I ordered from the US recently! Except that it didn’t track it after it left the US, which I found out when the parcel arrived and I’d spent days thinking it was still in California….

  2. Might give this particular hobby a miss thanks. Could be the makings of a movie and book deal?!

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