Exciting things ahead! Sort of! But not really!

You know my totally cute new phone? The one that didn’t arrive and then did? Well it has some totally not cute habits. Some not cute BAD habits. Like the WiFi has yet to display anything stronger than a poor signal. Even when I wave it frantically above the wireless router modem thing, in an effort to wake it up.

Also the touch screen is slow, and does not respond to anything resembling a ‘touch’ it seems it prefers more of a hard prod. Or many hard prods. Or some shaking THEN a hard prod.

And the e book feature? The one that sold it for me because I LOVE! e-books! and reading them on the bus would be awesome! That one? I can’t get it to work.

It is very frustrating. Especially because with three hours, and access to google, I can usually get anything to work.

So I wrote a firm but nice polite complaint letter and asked for my money back. Fingers crossed these guys are nice enough to uphold their warranty guarantee. They were really good about the phone going missing though, so I’m reasonably confident they’ll be nice to me!

In other news, it looks like I need to bump up my fitness for Taekwon Do again! I’m hoping to go to nationals (if money and timing allows!) and I had my first team training this Sunday, and oh gah the sweat. The disgusting, sweaty, sweat.

It makes me wish that the new light weight doboks were back in my prefered suppliers shop, because I hate working out in what equates to a pair of white demin pajamas.

Also there are rumours that the team organiser is trying to decide between a 45 minute plane ride to Auckland, and an 8 hour road-trip via bus. I have a very clear preference for flight – despite the added cost, because I get car sick, and after 8 hours anywhere I get a little crabby. And by a little, I mean everyone gives my desk a 3 metre safety perimeter around the time we’re all packing up to go home.

I’m not sure that sticking me in a bus full of other people would be very good for the team bonding process.


One thought on “Exciting things ahead! Sort of! But not really!

  1. Okay, which phone did you get that you’re now returning? I need to know so I don’t choose the same one by accident!

    Maybe send an anonymous note: “Coach, we need to take the plane because otherwise LP gets cranky, and we’re frightened of that…” 😉

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