Today I do not get a gold star. It’s ok, though, because I’m awaiting the delivery of yesterday’s massive trophy.

Over the last wee while I’ve had the worst struggle to get up in the morning. It kind of results in me walking into doors, and tripping over imaginary things, not having enough time to critique my outfit for business appropriateness (trust me, this is important if you don’t want to show up wearing a mini-skirt, and a fake fur jacket. As fabulous as that would be.) And then I end up late.

So this week I decided to try a new thing. I decided to try making a chart for my desk that I have to write how early/ late I am.

Monday I was fifteen minutes late. Tuesday I was ten. Today I was five. It seems to KIND of be working, but it’s not like I’m at gold star level. Unless I want to start giving myself a gold star for arriving fully dressed. In which case I have two!! (Don’t ask.)

I’m going to have to do something about streamlining my mornings. I’m thinking using a phone calender, rather than my desk diary, because it takes me two minutes every day to find out where I flung it the night before.

Also perhaps I’ll start assembling outfits the night before, because making sure I’m business appropriate take AGES. Mostly because at 8am I can’t pry my tired puffy eyes open enough to actually look in the mirror.

I’m also thinking about packing my bag the night before, because I routinely have to run back up the stairs because last night I threw my house keys into my washing pile, and now they’re not in my bag (signs point to them still being in the washing pile.)

(Magical elves have NOT been at work tidying my room and making my life easier.)

(Picky, bratty elves.)

Also, last night, I was the valedictorian of the gym. My personal trainer was training up a new recruit, and at the end of my session she was all “So you see how Shannon was the fittest out of everyone we worked with today? You noticed that she has great technique, so what she really needs is feedback on pushing her limits? And you see when the weights aren’t heavy enough, or the challenges aren’t big enough, she’ll ask us to make it harder? Most clients won’t do that, so you need to pay attention to the signs.”

Yeah. I won the gym yesterday. I only wish there was some kind of giant trophy/ medal I could display, because I’m becoming accustomed to being rewarded by shiny things for doing good. (Thank you Taekwon Do.)

In other (slightly related) news: I think this week is my last week of the 12 week challenge. (If I have my numbers right.)

(Note: I never have my numbers right.)

Stay tuned for a comprehensive tell all exclusive here Saturday on LP!


3 thoughts on “Today I do not get a gold star. It’s ok, though, because I’m awaiting the delivery of yesterday’s massive trophy.

  1. I’m convinced nobody in L.A. puts any effort into streamlining their mornings. If they did, why would they angrily push in and out of traffic and tailgate me on their way into work?

    Bravo on the gym work! We shall all look up to you now and aspire to be just like you. But, you know, no pressure or ‘nothin.

  2. oh my jeebus if you figure out how to not be late PLEASE share. my main problem seems to be the physically getting out of bed part. when i’m all tired and warm in bed it seems JUST SO IMPOSSIBLE to get up and shower / dress myself until i’m in a real panic about how late i’m going to be. sigh.

  3. Don’t know if it’s the cold affecting the getting up times, but we have the oil fin heater set on a timer so it warms the room from about 6 till 7 then goes off. Or will this just make it harder?

    Now about those two stars for being fully dressed?…..

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