Vomit and decision making. They go hand in hand… Apparantly.

Ok, so yesterday I rocked up to TKD, and the warm up was this god-awful relay with 5 pushups, then 10 pushups, then 20 push ups, then 5 burpies (5 sounds easy, but burpies are my downfall. They trigger my gag reflex.)

Then we did some painful leg squat kicky things, and then I was all “Yeah, I’m going to take a minute… To go to the bathroom…”

Then I threw up everything I ate yesterday afternoon. It was pink. I’m not sure why, because I definitely didn’t eat anything pink… The pink thing almost disturbs me more than the fact I upchucked to begin with. (Almost.)

Anyway. Then I went back and did patterns and step sparring, and I was all “please god don’t let anybody touch me, because I will actually be all ‘blergh’ on them.” I feel really sorry for my step sparring partner, because I definitely had vomit breath.

On the plus side, I worked really hard at training yesterday… so… Yay?

Anyway. I’m still tossing up on nationals. Do I pay something like $500 for a weekend in Auckland, and what could potentially end up being only 10 minutes of competing?

I mean, yay! nationals! BUT really? I’m only going to be competing in patterns, and that’s not exactly a lot of work – and I don’t rate my chances against Auckland competitors very highly (although ‘not winning’ isn’t really a factor for me – it’s more that if I don’t do well I only do a couple of minutes in a ring, which seems like a waste of $500.)

Hm. PLUS my contract ends with NZTE in a couple of months, and I have all these saving goals, and I want to leave with a good solid pillow of savings. (If I can’t convince them to keep me on for good – which is my natural preference.)

So I’m all ‘AH! Decisions are hard!’ today. Also? I have to decide by tomorrow, because I have to transfer the first $250 over to the team by then if I’m going.

What would you do? How would you decide?


5 thoughts on “Vomit and decision making. They go hand in hand… Apparantly.

  1. Oh God, poor you! Burpies were definitely sent by the Devil to torture people, although I can’t say they’ve ever made me throw up. That may be because I get through like two of them and stop though!

    I’d go to Auckland. Sure, it’s a lot of money and it may only be for 10 minutes of competing. But think of the level of TKD you’ll get to watch. And if nothing else, at least you’ll get a litte holiday in Auckland! 🙂

  2. Burpies? What the frak is a burpie? Just the sound of it made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    Given that I did a whole post on decision making, I’m probably the last person to ask. Lotts’a people had good advice, though…

  3. If nothing else, it could be a good catch up with your bro’s.

    And there had to be corn; right??!!
    Even if you don’t eat corn, there is always corn!

  4. Yeah, what the hell are burpies?

    Puking during/after a workout is not good. Just sayin …

    Hmmm. Nationals. That’s a lot of money isn’t it? Not very helpful on the decision making am I? But I do ask a lot of questions, huh? When will that stop?

    Can you show a photograph of your flax plant Fred? I eat flax seed meal every day and wonder what a flax plant looks like.

    Good luck Shannon, whatever you decide.

  5. You poor dear! Oh my gosh I’ve almost puked when working out but never actually done it. I would have cried and gone home – I’m very impressed you went back out and continued!

    How does Geekhiker not know what a burpie is? We had to do those all the time in elementary school.

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