A list of things that I worry about. Because it’s Monday.

My little brothers, because I’m an older sister, and that’s what I do. It’s in the job description.

Other people’s little brothers… I think of it like sympathy pains…

Monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and serial killers.

Poolsharks. Because I know they’re there. They only come out when you’re alone…

The endings of books and movies I haven’t peeked ahead in yet. What if it doesn’t turn out ok? What if there’s some massive plot twist that I didn’t see coming?! No. Better by far to read/ google ahead for spoilers, and be informed.

My wardrobe at the moment. Because it is a mess of monstrous proportions.

Ending up at the end of the year with no new running shoes, no warm winter coat, and NO SAVINGS. Why no, I haven’t already taken care of those. Instead I had to buy work clothes, and pay off debt, and by work accessories and pay off debt, and buy a working smart phone, and pay off debt.

In summary? Overdrafts are stupid, and I worry about mine. It’s shrinking nicely, though.


3 thoughts on “A list of things that I worry about. Because it’s Monday.

  1. Being an only child, I’ll let you decide if it’s a boon or a deficit not to have had an older sister worrying about me! LOL

  2. How about zombies and/or werewolves? Not that I want you to worry about More things. I’m just trying to keep it real.

  3. I am currently worried about being reimbursed for travel.

    I wait and wait for approval to be reimbursed. And I wait some more. And then I get “I need to send this to my supervisor for comment”. And I wait a week. And then I get “Can we discuss this on the phone later today?” YES. YES WE CAN. BUT CAN YOU FIRST EXPLAIN TO ME IF I AM GOING TO BE REIMBURSED OR IF THERE’S A PROBLEM??

    Because I worry. Augh.

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