Today is less of a post, and more of a stream of conciousness.

Wo! Hello Monday! What a joyous stormy morning! And that gale-force wind – so refreshing!! Is everyone else experiencing the lifting of spirits that only a Monday morning – a fresh start, and a clean slate can bring?

(Am I freaking you out? Because I’m freaking myself out, quite frankly.)

Yeah, I wore the kitty hat to work this morning.

And No. I am not feeling quite that cheerful, but as one of my TKD role-models is quite fond of telling me; Fake it till you make it!

In other news I managed to accidentally break half my nail off my little finger while peeling potatoes… LONG WAYS. It feels uncomfortable. I keep touching the skin that has been exposed and gagging because it’s all sensitive. The big question on everyone’s minds: Why can’t I stop doing this??!!

Also… Huh… We just had a huge power cut. That’s freaky.

Anyway, also, I went bargain jeans shopping this weekend, and have decided to declare war on my muffin-top. My legs always look good in jeans, but the torso area? Eurgh. Blech. Gack.

So just as soon as I can walk to work without my heart rate shooting up, and needing a nap upon arrival… Well… Yeah. I might be another week away from being gym-ready. Whatever this virus is, it’s driving me legitimately crazy. The worst of it is over, and I’m slowly getting my energy back, but my planned triumphant return to Les Mills this weekend had to be put on hold due to some pretty insistent napping requirements.

I also couldn’t go to TKD training on Sunday, which annoyed me, until I received an invite to Yum Cha. I decided to go eat my own weight in chinese food rather than sit at home and sulk about feeling crap.

How is a girl supposed to get in her badassery without her approved dosage of punchy-kicky goodness?

Ugh. Moday. You’re dragging. How long exactly am I supposed to pretend to be happy about you again?

And finally; a conversation with myself this morning:

“Hmm. I’d beter take my shiny happy Monday pills…”

“… Unless I already took them this morning while I was half asleep? I remember seeing Becks come out of the bathroom, and then I went in… I think… Did I take my meds while I was in there?”

“Yeah. I really don’t know. The next thing I remember is sitting in bed with a bown of coco puffs.”

“Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy! And while that is a catchy tune, it does not answer my burning question.”

Hmm. I still don’t know. I might just give it a miss today, just in case.



One thought on “Today is less of a post, and more of a stream of conciousness.

  1. I sooo have that conversation with myself most days. I need a medipack or something so I can keep tabs (pun not intended).
    Nail sounds PAINFUL! Hope you’re over the virus soon. Don’t push yourself back to the gym too soon – you don’t want to make things worse!

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