Howling wind, wandering attention span, magically appearing chocolate.

The wind is howling around my curvaceous new office building, and my attention span is wandering around my curvaceous office desk. This is not a good thing. It is also not a productive thing.

I’ve started brainstorming ways that I can get management to put a large Shannon-length couch in one of the reasonably unused meeting rooms. I’d so love to be able to book myself a 20 minute nap in the afternoons.

I feel like the only thing of note that I have managed to achieve since lunch, is eating a pear, and emailing my own mother. And, while yes, that is stretching the definition of ‘acheivement’ and ‘productive’ it still ticks things off my to-do list, so that’s ok.

I think I’m going to head back to the gym tonight. I’ll just ease my way back in with… oh maybe Body Attack and Body Balance. Is that too much? Maybe just Attack? Hm.  Tough decision. Maybe I’ll just go and see how long I last until I pass out/ cry.

And a final note, this morning while I was in a meeting chocolate appeared on my desk. I don’t know why, and I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly of note to deserve chocolate… Unless someone saw my Kitty hat, and wanted to congratulate me?

Anyway, is it a bad idea to eat chocolate that appears by magic on your desk? I wonder if it’s been roofied? Probably not, given that I work with generally non-scary people… But still. Maybe I made someone too jealous to function, once they’d seen my kitty hat?

Perhaps I’ll stop staring at the chocolate for a bit, and actually get some work finished. That would be nice.

Update: I put the magic chocolate on my CPU, and now it’s all squishy. Unless it was squishy from the beginning, and that’s what the evil chocolate gifter wants me to think. Ahuh!

(I think I’m just going to eat it, because all this suspicion over free chocolate can’t be a healthy thing.)


One thought on “Howling wind, wandering attention span, magically appearing chocolate.

  1. Never question the origines of chocolate. It was just meant to be.
    Glad you’re feeling better.

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