Spot the Difference.

WOHO! Alright! I love this game! So. This is me last night, eating a totally decadent Chocolate Truffle Tart at Library Bar, and Finding Religion. (Yeah. It was That. Good.)

And this is me five minutes ago:

That’s right! Louise got back from Disneyland (and the rest of America), and brought me Minnie Mouse ears!

Now I have to find an occasion where I can wear those. (I’m thinking ‘Thursday’ might just be occasion enough.)


I cut all my hair off!! And now it’s short!!

It only took me three months to get up the courage to do it 😛

I tried to get a back picture, because it’s WAY cool at the back – and WAY short… But I got this instead:

Then I got lots and lots of these:

Then I gave up and played with my Minnie Mouse ears again. Best souvenir, from a country I didn’t visit, EVER.


8 thoughts on “Spot the Difference.

  1. Hair looks great Shan and looks in good condition as well….the ears mmmm not sure you will be able to make a statement in those LOL

  2. I’m – right now, as we speak – trying to find a Minnie Mouse Ear appropriate occasion. I might have to take up babysitting. Or going to five year-olds birthday parties.

  3. Wow Louise saw all of America when she was here??? No fair, I have lived here my whole life, and haven’t even seen all of it yet. I better get busy! I like your new cut. You are braver than I am. I haven’t gone short since the third grade when my mother scarred me for life with a short hair cut gone bad.

  4. Yeah, I like it too. It’s pretty dramatic!! AND it dries really fast. Like I have super thick hair, so it would take me something like an hour to get out of the shower, and be ready for work, because there was a lot of drying, and straightening, and heat protecting, and adding moisture (Because long curly hair is SUPER dry.)

    Now I just give it a shake, bliast it with a drier, and run my straightners through it! Done!

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