At least I wore nice ones today.

So… Today I managed to accidentally flash an elevator full of men from the 9th floor my underpants. Yes. I am very proud.

It went a little like this:

Shannon: [pat, pat, pat] Hmmm Where can my security card be? Perhaps it is under my abnormally long jumper? Yes. That will be it. It is clipped to the waistband of my pants.

Elevator dudes: I see London, I see France…

Shannon: OH MY GOD I DIDN’T PUT PANTS ON TODAY. I’m wearing tights and a short woollen dress.

Elevator Dudes: … I see that weird chick’s underpants.

Shannon: Please excuse me while I whip my skirt down, and glare like someone else was lifting it up over my ass. [Blush.]

Elevator Dudes: Damn our floor is here, and we didn’t even get to tuck our stripper change into her control-top opaques.

Shannon: Thank god. I am alone. I shall proceed to smack my forehead on the metal door until I get to my floor.
*I’m such a dork* thunk
*I’m such a dork* thunk
*I’m such a dork* thunk


7 thoughts on “At least I wore nice ones today.

  1. I’m thinking that might be a bit noticable… Maybe I’ll just see if there’s any way I can get ahold of one of those inflatable bubble things. that way I can limit my interaction with the public…

  2. Gosh I turn red when these kind of oopsies happen to me.

    This post reminded me of this song lyric from The Streak by Ray Stevens … I hollered, “Don’t look, Ethel!” But it was too late. She’d already been mooned…”

  3. OMG that is the best story ever. I would have died!

    I remember once in college watching a girl walk around with a backpack on – but her skirt had gotten sort of tucked up under the backpack so you could see half of her underpants/butt.

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