Hello. I have renovated. Again. I happen to like doing it every so often. It makes me feel all fresh and new again.

One of the things I like about this version is the fact that all my stuff and links and things have moved from my cluttery sidebar to the bottom of the page. It’s very chic and modern, and bare over there now. There’s practically enough room to swing a cat!

As a result of this whole ‘footer’ implementation, I’ve been able to move my blog-roll and general leaf litter to a page made especially for them! I’ve actually been planning on doing that for a while, because I kind of wanted to be able to put quick descriptions beside my favorite people, just because it makes it so much easier to find interesting blogs. I, personally, hate scrolling through extensive blog-rolls and having to judge a good blog just on it’s name. So being able to have a dedicated page for all my little distractions… Well I’m liking it!

However, in the grand tradition of chaotic, on-the-fly Leaf Probably renovations, I think I lost a few links along the way. Mostly because I copied them between word, and notepad, and my links list, and my display list. Opps. But you totally don’t have to do anything about that… Except:

  • If you’re not on my blog-roll, and would like to be, definitely let me know. Or better yet, if you have a favorite blog, that you think will be my new favorite blog? Tell me about them! I love finding new interesting people.
  • OR, if you think you can do better than I did at selling your blog , go ahead and let me know what you’d like changed in your description.
  • OR (and this is a real possibility) if one of those links doesn’t seem to link to the place it’s supposed to? Well probably you should drop me an email/comment and let me know.  (Please.)

I went back to Taekwon Do last night, and oh my gah I am sore now. Mostly my shoulders, actually, because It’s been two and a half weeks since I last lifted weights, or did push-ups. And I did WAY too many last night. Also, weirdly we did over a hundred squats, and my legs are fine. So… Maybe I just managed to atrophy the upper half of my body?

Does any one else get those sneaky jealousy moments when people tell you all about their awful virus that caused them to lose 5kgs in a week? Because I do. I got a virus, and all I have to show for it is lingering exhaustion, and unfitness. At least my virus seems like it might have been more fun to have. I got crazy dreams, and fever… At least I could pretend I was on holiday somewhere hot. The lady who lost 5kgs vomited for a week straight, and ended up nearly being hospitalised because she was crazy dehydrated.

So I’m thinking my jealousy is a little bit (Ok. A lot.) Misplaced.

Did anyone else think that I’d be talking about sophisticated a deep things now that I have a very sophisticated looking blog? Yes? Ha. Haha. Ho. Haha. Right.


4 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing

  1. New haircut. Net blog design. You’re on a roll, lady!

    I love the new look – very sleek and chic. And thanks for putting me on the blog roll!

  2. I’m cleaning up around my blog today too. I guess it’s a good day for that sort of thing.
    I love the new layout. Very crisp.

  3. Yay! New haircut, new blog! I agree with Mel – very Chic!!

    And if I could be bothered starting my own blog, then I’d totally demand you put me on your blog-roll. Oh – but have you read The Good Greatsby? You should check out his blog. He’s funny. I think You’d like him.

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