Furiously Happy or Utterly Disgusted. It’s your choice.

My blog hero is Jenny Lawson, from TheBloggess.com, and recently she spoke to a bunch of zombies about being furiously happy. In other news, my work has blocked her site because of all the rampant pornography. Thanks Jenny. I hate it when I accidentally get put on the ‘pervert’ list at work.

Anyway, check out Jenny running her zombie apocalypse drill – I kind of love it:

And just in case the inspirational speaking isn’t quite doing it for you, I watched a video of Surinam Toad babies swimming out from under the mother’s back skin. GAG. Shudder. Blergh. Seriously Childbirth is disgusting, but having live things emerging from your back? That’s pretty damn nightmare inducing all on it’s own.

So yeah. That’s the other option.


5 thoughts on “Furiously Happy or Utterly Disgusted. It’s your choice.

  1. I’m a bloggess fan too! I think I clicked through to her from your blogroll ages ago. Why do you call your blogroll Leaf litter by the way? It’s confusing!!

    And those frogs are kind of disgusting. Or a lot disgusting. HUGELY disgusting, even… Why can’t I stop watching this!!

  2. Oh thank you!! I feel so lovely! 😀 I didn’t watch the videos. You kinda indicated the gross out factor, and it’s sooo hard to forget gross stuff, you know? 😀

  3. Miss McCracken: Yeah, it’s really hard to forget gross stuff. That video has pretty much burnt those images into my brain. Blergh.

    Mads: They so are. I can’t stop shuddering. And re-watching the video. Why!?! Ick

    Sarah: I had nightmares too. And I call my blogroll leaflitter because.. I dunno. I did it ages ago, and it’s just it’s name now. Besides, blog roll is so… predictable and boring!

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