In the pursuit of NOT becoming a toothless old cat lady.

I just booked my first dental appointment in eight years. Wow. And I had NO idea it had been that long, until I counted it up on my fingers.

Although, actually, it’s not such a big surprise, given that I don’t like doctors, or dentists, or needles, or strangers touching me, or that disgusting medical smell that lingers around hospitals, Medical centres, and dentists. In fact? Even thinking about it… Well that’s kind of making me gag a little.

The last time I went to a dentist it was to get my braces ripped off, and my wires put in. My wires started falling off the back of my teeth five years ago, and so I pried the rest off with pliers, rather than going back to a dentist. THAT’S how dedicated I am to hating having people stick their hands in my mouth. (Besides, I’m pretty sure they weren’t actually doing anything back there.)

Anyway. I’ve been thinking about going to the dentist for a year now – ever since my wisdom teeth started shifting up and down (in the most annoying ‘will they/won’t they’ dance EVER.)

Yeah. Thinking about it/ As in I thought “Oh, I should definitely go to the dentist. I probably have a ton of cavities.” Then I thought about something more pleasant. Like bumblebees. And then I got back to my main pursuit in life, which was being a poor student.

Or as I power walked to my money-sucking gym, I’d glance at the dentist across the road and think ‘one of these days I’m going to march right in there and make an appointment…. Probably next payweek though.’ Because if water cooler talk has taught me anything, it’s that going to the dentist is EXPENSIVE.

One minute they’re all ‘cheapest exam in town! And the next they’re filling, and root canaling, and adult bracesing, and whitening, and de-scaling, and wisdom-teeth removing. And all of that hemorrhages money.

My emergency fund has $73.50 in it. I’m hoping there’s going to be no hemorrhaging. Just in case, though, I made my appointment for the 9th of August. That gives me something like three weeks to change my mind. Oh and the best bit? I paid $50 for a voucher that gives me a check up a clean, x rays, and a $60 voucher for use later… So with any luck it’s not going to be too bad.

(Money-wise that is. Actually showing up is going to be AWFUL!)


3 thoughts on “In the pursuit of NOT becoming a toothless old cat lady.

  1. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled was so much fun. They knocked me out, and when my parents drove me home, I serenaded them with 12 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and then told them how I overslept and nearly missed a college exam. Good times….

    Hope you don’t have any cavities!

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