The Director of Fun

I’m having the best time! So last week I found myself bored at work, so decided to name myself the unofficial Director of Fun for my team. First I organised a team lunch for next week, and then a quiz night for a months time, and then I got all social and invited all of the ladies who’s names I know to lunch on Friday.

We all did this mass evacuation of the floor (leaving most of the men sitting at their desks blinking in confusion) and converged on a chinese restaurant for yum cha (leaving the waitresses blinking in shock when we all ate our body-weight in food.) All-in-all it was kind of great… I don’t think I’ve ever organised something like that before – or been brave enough to invite near strangers out for lunch. I think I’m going to have to make it a monthly thing, and make a point of inviting the whole floor. Or maybe just all the ladies on the floor?

Anyway, I also got invited to join the social club committee meetings. I jumped at the chance, because I love planning fun things for people to do!

Anyway, I had a pretty alright weekend – though it was FREEZING here. I spent most of Saturday dripping wet outside (when I wasn’t sitting damp in the movie theatre), and most of Sunday curled up in bed reading. And today the aircon at work isn’t really at a warm comfortable level, so I’m wearing my scarf and contemplating getting my gloves out. I also have a pretty massive headache – I think it might be from the cold. I’m not very good with cold.

If I could get away with it, I’d be sitting here with a fluffy blanket wrapped around my legs. I wonder if there is anyway I could convince my boss that it’s now considered fashionable, and work appropriate to wrap up in winter blankets at your desk?



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