So, I found the perfect coat! From City Chic. Man I love that place. It’s the only time I’ve ever been counted an extra small. And their tailoring is exquisite!

Actually I found 5 perfect jackets there. I put one – a green bomber-style one on layby, and I’m seriously considering getting this awesome gray military one too… Except it’s expensive. But amazing. Hmm.

Also there was one that I had to have help putting on because it was all angles, and weird zips, and I think I ended up with an arm in the wrong way, but it was great. I want it just for the mental arithmetic every time I’d try to put it on. It would be my rubix cube jacket. I hear you need to keep your brain working on puzzles like this to prevent dementia, so really, I wouldn’t be spending $150 on a jacket i don’t know how to put on, I’d be spending $150 on mental agility, and health and wellness. I’d say that would be worth it. No one wants dementia!

Anyway. Other materialistic things I’m considering, next week I’m going to get lash extensions! I’ve wanted them ever since Louise and Karlie showed up at Leslea’s wedding with them. They’re gorgeous, and low maintenance, and I REALLY want movie star eyes. Besides I found a place in Wellington that does them cheap, and has lots of recommendations! Wo!

I’m imagining being able to fan myself by batting my oversized eyelashes. Or woo strangers over 500 meters away with sultry blinking. Morse-code blinking, even. I’ll be all long blink, long blink, short fluttery blink, long blink, and men will be all WOW. All I can see are giant lashes, but I want to take that woman for a coffee. Clearly she is a genius, and hot. Like a movie star – you can tell because her eyelashes are bigger than her purse.

And I’ll be all blink, blink, seductive blink.

Perhaps I’d even find a way to use them to brush away married men. Beware the lash kung fu. It will kick your ass in long fluttery blinks. *Hiya!* 

Keeping to our shallow topic pool today (it’s a Tuesday, and the day after a near-crippling migraine, I’m not up to introspection) I was in The Warehouse the other day, and I found a pair of cute heels for $5.00… So I brought them. (Duh.)

The only problem with them is that they are half a size too big. I heard, once upon a time that one of the first-ladies of fashion (maybe Audrey Hepburn?) used to buy her shoes half a size too big, with the belief they would last longer. I don’t understand why though, because walking in slightly too large shoes is freaking hard – I mean, these are pumps so there are no ankle straps or anything to keep my feet in them…

… Do you think anyone would notice if I duct-taped my shoes to my feet? I’d use clear tape. Or maybe black. So that it matches the shoes… Actually, perhaps not. I’m not that desperate. I’ll just continue walking. Very. Carefully.


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  1. You could always wear crazy socks with the pumps and say you’re starting a major trend.

    oooh you have to tell me if you get the extensions. I wear mascara, but it doesn’t produce the same wind tunnel effect when I bat my lashes.

    When it comes to jackets and coats, ask yourself”Is it in my budget?” and if it is, that’s all that matters! We’re fabulous and single, so this is really the time when we can occasionally splurge on gorgeous additions to the wardrobe. 🙂

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