Am I sick, or am I falling into bad habits?

So… I’m trying really hard to book my eyelash extensions in for next Wednesday. And by trying hard, I mean I’ve emailed the eyelash lady so many times about how long it’s going to take, and when she’s free, that I think she’s stopped reading my emails.

Anyway. I fully intend to show up at 7am on a Wednesday morning to sleep in a chair while a stranger glues stuff to my eyelids. Beauty is fun.

Also I am tired. And stiff and creaky. I’ve taken a day and a half off work this week to sleep, because I’m still not feeling 100%. Despite that I made myself go to the gym last night, for the first time in a month. I did a sports-based cardio class, and an abs class, then half of a fun dance cardio class, and then I retired to the sauna.

Three things I know to be true about the gym:

  1. If you take a month off, going back will hurt. A lot.
  2. It will hurt more the next day.
  3. Sauna’s make me melty.

So yesterday – despite being ‘too tired and sick feeling’ to go to work – I managed to go to the gym and do two hours of working out. Now I’m not saying that that two hours were easy, because dudes? I nearly walked out ten minutes in. And then half an hour in. (And then every five minutes after that.) But I am wondering: How much of this ‘tired headachy virusy’ feeling is all in my head? Or specifically… How much of it comes from my depression?

Hm. It is a worry. And certainly not a habit I want to get into. (Er… Get back into? I like how I can conveniently forget that I spent six months of last year hiding in my bedroom under a fluffy blanket.)

Anyway. yesterday arvo I had some quality ‘kicking my own ass’ time where I gave myself a pep talk about how I’m not going to be 30 and obese, therefore, I will go back to the gym. And be fit. And start hauling my butt back to Taekwon Do. Even though I feel tired all the time, and even though Miramar is ages away, and even though it’s too cold for running around in a uniform that isn’t exactly my definition of comfortable. And Even though the gym hurts. And even though I have better things to be doing with my time. (Better things like playing solitare, or reading romance books, or sleeping, or indulging my new – horrifying – addiction to Dr Who and Torchwood.) 

So I’m going back tonight. And guys? I’m WAY nervous. It’s only been two weeks since my last training (and a week and a half since before that one) but I can already tell it’s going to hurt.

I know It’s going to hurt, because it hasn’t stopped hurting from yesterday yet.

Anyway. In other non-whiny news, I’ve decided to splurge and get TWO winter coats. A short puffy bomber one with fur, and a fantastic military looking long one that would be awesome for work. In order to justify this I am going to do a shift at the stadium on Saturday being a corporate box host. They don’t pay much there, but an 8 hour shift will get me just enough to stop feeling guilty about the splurge.

And? Just now the lash lady emailed back to tell me that I will have long luscious lashes by 8am Wednesday morning! She’s like the fairy godmother of flirty lashes!!



6 thoughts on “Am I sick, or am I falling into bad habits?

  1. So what you’re really saying is you called a sickie so you could go and work out? Wow. Maybe you really ARE sick!

  2. S.Le – hah!

    Hope you’re feeling better — not sore in a bad way, but sore in a good way. If that makes sense. Glad to hear you’re getting new eyelashes. As someone with naturally white eyelashes, I can appreciate the desire to have them look lush and lovely. Or just visible! hahah

  3. Hope you’re feeling better. If life is still being a drag, it may pay to go and see your Doctor and ask for a full set of bloods – vitamins etc. It may be something easy fixed which will perk you up. And deficiencies certainly don’t help mood and motivation either! Good luck 🙂

  4. When I bitch about being sore from a workout, a co-worker of mine always cheerfully pipes up something like, “That’s how you know it’s working!” That’s *also* how I know that I hate exercising.

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