Work tripping, sore ears, and batty eyelashes.

So I had my first work trip to Auckland this week. I wasn’t really in the mood for it on Monday – I was cranky, and jittery and anxious, so pretty much the last thing I wanted to do was to get on a plane with 20 colleagues. Going home, and hiding under my desk on my fluffy throw-rug seemed like a much better idea.

I didn’t do that, though. Instead I retreated to the work kitchen, and treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate, while I spent some time re-centring myself.

By the time we all piled on to the shuttles I was feeling way better, and after my first glass of complementary wine, and a delicious pear from the frequent fliers club… Well I was feeling positively relaxed. Our trip was a real treat, sprinkled with unexpected luxuries. We were told we’d be sleeping in Twin-Share rooms. They ended up being twin suites, with two double bedrooms, a huge lounge, and wrap-around balconies with a view of the Auckland Harbour.

We were treated to dinner and hotel tours, and lunches, and high-teas. We were even given an unexpected sighting of the All Blacks reclining in a spa. Then we got to eat lunch mere metres from them, as they grazed on a buffet. I’ve never really been a big fan of rugby, but for those guys I’ll quite happily make an exception. They’re all huge and built, and rugged. (Shiver!)

Then I caught someone’s cold, and spent the flight home switching between cradling my poor abused feet (that is the last time I pack only one pair of shoes – heels! – for a trip away) and rubbing my sore aching ears. I think I’m going to have to visit the doc later in the week and see if my ears are Ok, because the last couple of times I’ve been on flights, or diving, I’ve found it really hard to equalise, and last night’s decent back into Wellington was absolute hell.

Besides, whatever’s going on with my ears takes all the excitement out of Scuba Diving. It’s not much fun dreading that this time is going to be the time that my ears won’t let me go down. It’s going to happen eventually If I don’t get on to it and see if there’s a real issue.

Oh, and in other less medical (and therefore less gross) news, I have eyelash extensions. I’m spending today batting my eyelashes at my computer. I love them. I asked for ‘full’ rather than long, and I’m definitely loving the look! I forgot to take a ‘before’ (because it was 6.30am in the morning, and I wouldn’t subject you all to that) but I did find a photo of myself wearing my favorite mascara, and minnie mouse ears, so I’ll post that as a comparison:

Me with mascara, channeling my inner teenage girl.
Almost the same angle with lash extensions!
I asked for full lashes, rather than long ones, and I really like the result.

See? See the difference? No? Well I do and that’s all that matters. I feel like a sexy batty kewpie doll. Wait. Are kewpie dolls the one with the lashes? Maybe? Anyway, that’s what I feel like. I love it!

Also I’ve already stabbed myself in the eye twice. You can’t really rub your eyes with these things, because they’re not very bendable.

Do badasses have long eyelashes? I think they do. This badass has long eyelashes, anyway. Long kickass sweepy eyelashes.


9 thoughts on “Work tripping, sore ears, and batty eyelashes.

  1. Love the eyelashes! I thought I felt the wind pick up over here in the States. Must’ve been you batting your eyelashes.

    Nice surprise on the hotel! It doesn’t sound totally terrible, although I hate having a cold and sore feet. Having both at the same time sounds really uncomfortable! I hope you’re feeling better already!

  2. Miss M: It was! I was batting my eyelashes!

    Thoughts: They should last 4-6 weeks – so long as I don’t go in a sauna, do hot yoga, or blast myself in the face with a hairdrier. I also can’t use any makeup remover with oil in it – oil will release the glue.

    Mads: They’re a new beauty thing. They’re long individual fake lashes that they glue to your usual lashes. They make your lashes look fuller, longer, and more dramatic.

  3. Wondered where you got to! We use to look forward to leaving Auckland!
    Love the lashes. Bat away…

  4. Your Auckland trip sounds awesome!

    Your eyelashes look lovely. I tried the eyelash extensions once, they were amazing, and addictive. Less addictive was the price, but I have a few bridesmaid gigs coming up so maybe I’ll splurge for them 🙂

  5. Yeah, the lashes are awesome… Except they’re a little bit annoying in the shower, because I can’t rub water, or facewash, out of my eyes, because You have to be gentle with them. It means I get out of the shower with bloodshot eyes every morning!

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