Soul Food and Fish Murder. Boy I wish I hadn’t paired those two.

Lasagna, for me, is total soul food. And last night? Last night I made the King of all the lasagnas. It’s delicious. The cheese is crispy and sharp, the white sauce is bacony and peppery, and the lasagna itself is rich tomato-y and delicious, with spinach, carrot, beef, and just a hint of chilli. I love lasagna.

I think in a previous life I might have been Garfield.

This weekend was all about lasagna, discovering  I have an admiration for someone I had never really considered in that way before (Ok. Fine. I have a crush), and fish.

So the good news is:

1. lasagna!

2. With my new crush, and having no less than three potential first dates coming up, my love life is a fun place to be. 

The bad news: 

One of my fish died. One of the minnows to be precise. I’m tempted to say that old age got him, but the fact that he looked a little… um… devoured? Well that points the blame squarely at Mac the Paradise Fish. 

It was about midnight, and I was coughing, so I grabbed a hit drink and sat at my desk to drink it and watch the fish. I didn’t turn on any lights, I just lit a couple of candles because the fish like swimming around in romantic lighting, I guess. Then I noticed that one of my plant leaves was stuck to the filter, and looking awfully deformed. Except it wasn’t a plant leaf. It was about 3/4 of a fish.

(Shudder. It was totally a horror movie moment. I was all relaxed, and sitting in the dark, staring into space, then all of a sudden I realise it’s not space I’m staring at. It’s a decapitated fish.)

So that brings me to the question: what on earth do you do about reprimanding a fish for eating it’s tankmate? Nothing I guess. Nevertheless, I did give her a very stern talking to about “don’t look at me like that missy! It is very bad manners to eat Graham. Or Gerald. Or Grant. Or it might have been Gareth. Either way: Bad fish. Very bad fish.”  

I’m not sure Mac cares very much.


6 thoughts on “Soul Food and Fish Murder. Boy I wish I hadn’t paired those two.

  1. You make lasagna sound great!!

    Poor fishy. Mac the Fish sounds dangerous! You could put up wanted posters so the other fish know he’s armed and dangerous.

  2. 7 seconds of memory. Doubt Graeme would remember getting up that morning (or night).
    R.I.P. fish (& chips) yum.

  3. That’s totally scarring. I had fish in junior high and always freaked out when they died…which is why I don’t have fish now. 🙂 Congrats on the impending dates!!

  4. Any chance you are going to share the lasagna recipe? You made it sound SO good!
    Sorry about your fish 😦 I had fish when I was little and the Angel Fish ate almost all of the other tiny guys. Poor things.

  5. Hmm I don’t really follow a recipie for my lasagna (I’m an improvisation girl) but I can share what I did?

    The lasagna mince:
    Premium Beef mince (the kind with less fat) 700g
    I jar of generic herby tomato pasta sauce
    I can of chopped tomatoes in thick juice
    Two HEAPED spoonfulls of garlic (cook this right at the beginning with the mince so it’s not too crazy overpowering.)
    I big carrot grated. One 500g pack of frozen spinach defrosted and chopped up so that there are no big hunks of it.
    A whole bunch of dried herbs – I use mixed, and Basil, and rosemary.
    Lots of cracked pepper,
    A good sprinkling of chilli powder.

    The white sauce:
    I actually never really got the hang of making cheese sauce from scratch, so I usually use cottage cheese with an egg mixed into it, but this time I brought a jar of Carbonara sauce, with pepper, and bacon, and used a little of that in the middle, and lots on the top, under a layer of tasty cheese (Which has the best flavour when It’s grilled.)

    Then you just build your lasagna in the usual way with dry lasagna sheets

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