The Murder House…

I’m going to the dentist tonight. For the first time in eight years.

I wore flat badass boots, just in case I need to run away, or kick anyone in the crotch. Not that I’m planning on kicking a perfectly nice dentist in the crotch, it just seems like I should probably be prepared, right? I mean, what if he busts out the syringes, and pliers? Yeah. My personal motto is to be prepared for ass-kicking.

In other news… Other top secret news, I have an exciting thing that I can’t tell anyone about. It’s totally awesome. Please excuse me while I wander off to squeal quietly in a corner because. If. You. Knew, you would totally die! It’s that good.

Ok. It’s not that good. It’s just exciting.

Any guesses as to what my totally exciting, but totally top secret awesome fun thing is?



9 thoughts on “The Murder House…

  1. Good luck tonight!

    And guessing awesomeness.. Um, you eloped with a prince from a remote island country and now the two of you rule a magical island of unicorns?

  2. My theories:
    -You landed a spot on a new reality tv show, Jersey Shore meets New Zealand. It would be an ironic satire series.
    -You won the lottery and have decided to share it with everyone who commented on this post.

  3. Um. Wow. Your guys guesses at the top secret awesome things are way more awesome tha the actual top secret awesome thing.

    Which is…: I have an interview for an exciting job! Wo! I can’t tell you too much about it (Because I’ll be finding out more today) but I’m all excited because interviewing is good experiance for me, and because there’s actually a pretty high chance my contract with my current employer will be extended… So basically it’s all good positive news career-wise all round. Who knows, I might even get to a point where I can decide between which awesome job I want to try next!

  4. You have a job interview! Arh you already told… (Mum told me lol)
    How did it go and what’s it with??

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