Snow! aHH!! (Also pirates.)


So it’s snowing in Wellington right now…. And it NEVER snows here! It’s pretty exciting!

It started last night, and the second I saw it, I put on my boots, and ran downstairs to see if I could catch some… Unfortunately it wasn’t settling where we lived, but the higher suburbs got a good dusting.

So I was kind of disapointed, and thought pretty seriously about taxi-ing it out to Khandallah, to make a snow angel. I would have had to come back in the dark, in wet clothing (because I don’t exactly own snow-proof gear) but it would have been worth the potential frostbite. Then this morning as I walked to work all these cars from the outer suburbs were coming off the motorway wearing snowy tops like badges of honor, and that sucked. I thought (very briefly) about running over to a flatbed ute and scooping up a snowball while it waited in traffic-lights… Then I decided that I value life too much to have to have someone tell my parents that I was killed in a tragic snowball vs. truck fight.

So I got to work, and grumpily put my heels on, and took my jacket off for… oh, 3 seconds? That’s how long it took me to realise that actually it was FREEZING in the building. So now my business ensamble is all funky grey wool skirt, shiny black heels, cute warm black sweater, tasteful shiny accessories (coordinate with the shoes) … and a massive big army green bomber jacket with a huge hood trimmed with fake fur. (It matches exactly NOTHING.) So now I feel like I should be crawling through some dark woods in camoflage water-proof pants, tramping boots, and a lumberjack hat, in search of wolf packs and moose, rather than sitting at my desk typing up a report about a project closure.

So far this morning I’ve spent most of my working hours finding reasons to visit people who sit along the windows – and just while we’re on that? I love this building. It’s got huge views over the city.  The first time there was a huge snow-dump happened at work I contented myself to watching it from the window… But I’m now sitting at my desk in tennis shoes, and my jacket, waiting for the snow to come. The second it does I’m going to leave for a ‘meeting’… Er… a meeting that just happens to be  down in the church-yard across the road. I think the agenda is pretty light… Mostly it involves me standing on grass and trying to catch some snow on my tongue.

Also. Yesterday was my first Social Club meeting… and they were talking about their social club events, and it was all ‘morning tea’ and ‘Friday drinks’ and then I stuck up my hand and told them that my team were having an Ugly Tie Tuesday tomorrow… So (a little confused, I think) they made a note to inform the rest of the building that they were welcome to join us.

Then I thought ‘Well while I have the floor, I might as well tell them about my Pirate idea’ So I proposed having a week-long pirate scavenger hunt, finishing with a Pirate themed casual Friday, and rum-based after-work drinks. And then I finished off  my proposal with a hearty ‘Yarr!’ And they agreed! They’re going to let me hide pirate stuff around the office, and dress like a pirate! And get paid at the same time! Also sing Pirate Sea Shanties! And introduce a stuffed parrot into my work-wardrobe! Awesome, right?! I wonder if we could hold a newspaper pirate hat competition?

Work is the best fun sometimes!


8 thoughts on “Snow! aHH!! (Also pirates.)

  1. Wow. Snow is pretty awesome! I was hoping it would snow in Canberra before I left just so I could say that it had. It didn’t. Stupid weather… 😉

    And that pirate idea is AWESOME. You should do it the week starting September 19th, because that’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!! (I’m assuming you already knew that, but figured I’d mention it just the same…)

  2. SO does it not snow often there?

    I love LOVE the pirate theme week with scavenger hunt and casual friday! LOVE it!! I’m totally stealing that idea!

  3. No, it never snows in Wellington! The mountains in the middle of the north island, and the south island get snow, but not here!

    And yeah the pirate week is for talk like a pirate day. Steal away!

  4. I totally forget that it’s winter where you are. Awesome!
    I wonder if my friend in Adelaide is getting snow right about now.

  5. I live in New Zealand… so it’s winter-time here. We have a warm summery christmas – usually spent on a beach/ camping by the sea somewhere.

  6. I’m sitting here in a sundress wishing that I could be enjoying the winter! Snow sounds so fun! Although I’m a complete wimp in the cold…

    Love your pirate idea, btw. Sounds like a blast. 🙂

  7. And STILL they insist that global warming is happening. I once wrote a Hamster-Britain story called Global Worming: It made about as much sense – only funnier.

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