Snow cats and ugly ties.

Wellington Zoo Lion in the snow: Source

The snow here has turned work into a bit of a carnival atmosphere – People are quite happily bunking off work a few minutes (hours?) early in the event that snow comes racing in again and overloads the public transport system again. In fact one of the higher ups just looked out the window and exclaimed ‘Huh. It’s raining. Time to head home everyone!’

Today has been quite snow-free, but rumour says that it’s snowing in the suburbs again, and it’ll be making it’s way to the city soon. In fact, I just glanced out the window and saw that the dark skys have rolled in, and visibility is down… So hopefully soon!

Adding to the carnival atmosphere (honestly, it’s a miracle I managed to do any work today) Our Project Team also has an Ugly Tie Tuesday going on here at the office. I’m wearing a shiny $2.50 leopard-print tie… It’s pretty spectacular…. Or at least I was wearing it until five seconds ago when I ripped it off my neck and threw it at a rubbish bin – ties are uncomfortable!! I don’t know how guys do it day-in and day-out without being driven crazy. Shirts are bad enough! They don’t stretch, and they’re restrictive, and wrinkle if you slouch. They’re tight around your neck, and shoulders and boobs (Ok, not a problem men have) and when you add a tie to all that misery? Ugh.

One of my work-mates has taken to calling my tie the cougar tie, and I had to explain to him that actually cougar implies that I’m old, and no woman likes to hear that. In fact? Some women will actively work to prevent you being able to form the words ‘old is a relative term’ with your mangled face if she suspects you’re thinking about her age.

In another (unrelated) tangent The cleaner lady who I chat with most days asked me when I was leaving New Zealand, and guys? this happens often enough that I didn’t even have to ask her why! I just told her that actually I’m a New Zealander, I just have some kind of a weird accent thing going on, and most people think I’m from overseas. I don’t know what brand of ‘weird accent’ it is, because no one seems to be able to tell me why I don’t sound like a New Zealander, they just tell me that I don’t.


3 thoughts on “Snow cats and ugly ties.

  1. I used to call myself a cougar when I was 29. A girl can cougar it up at any age – she just needs a significantly younger man! 😛

  2. @mel heth – isn’t a cougar in her twenties called a puma? 🙂

    people used to comment on my “accent” all the time too, and ask where i grew up. the most common guess was england… nope, NJ born and bred folks.

  3. I have a thick Minnesotan accent and people always giggle at my o’s and a’s. It can’t be helped. But it is easily identifiable.
    Where do people think you are from?

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