Update on this thing that actually you didn’t know I was doing!

So I had pre-grading last night – talk about scary. I’m at green belt (with a cute wee blue stripe) level at the moment, and if I pass this big scary grading, then I’ll be at blue belt! Woho!

I’m quite smugly pleased with myself that I’ve managed to avoid jumping kicks, and breaking as part of my expected syllabus so far, but unfortunately I don’t think my luck is going to last through blue belt. I’m pretty sure this next step brings in the jumping and the flying… and to be honest? I have mixed feelings on this. (Mixed as in they stray between terror, and blind defeat.)

Anyway. I’m getting ahead of myself. First I need to pass this grading. Pre-grading was good, although I found myself nearly dying after my fifth free sparring session. I think they only lasted a minute each, but hoo boy. I’m not exactly at top fitness right now. 

Also I think I blocked someone’s kick with my shin somewhere in the first round, and from then on in it was this giant throbbing mass of pain. And it’s even more fun today, because I’m wearing my highest heels, and that places all kinds of (previously unknown) stress on the lower front of your leg… So that’s a fun revelation.

Other things that happened during pre-grading: 

1. I had to answer questions about the student-instructor relationship, and accidentally snorted with (quiet) laughter after the one that goes “Never betray the instructor.” Because… Well that’s funny! We live in New Zealand. I’m not sure there’s really much ‘betraying’ that I could do that would have the same level of devastation as 1930’s military Korea.  

2. I got stuck during self defence when my partner grabbed me unexpectedly. So I kicked him… Which didn’t exactly demonstrate ‘locks to the wrist’. It did, however, demonstrate my dislike of being grabbed  unexpectedly. So that’s got it’s very own up-side, I guess.

3. My instructor asked for the Meaning of Taekwon Do – Which is simply Tae – meaning Jumping or flying kicking or smashing with the foot, Kwon – denoting fist, specifically punching or smashing with the fist, and Do – meaning Art, or Way

… Except instead of saying that I told him all about what Taekwon Do is… Which is actually significantly longer and more complicated to remember (It’s all unarmed combat this, and self defence that, and scientific use of the body, and physical and mental discipline…) Also? I forgot most of it… So I answered the wrong question… and I got it wrong! (I mean, if you’re going to answer the wrong question, you might as well get it right, right?) Fail.

Anyway. My gut overall feeling is that I did an alright job, and that I’ll be grading on the 4th of September. I also feel like I’m going to be told to go away and learn my theory better. Also to lift my fitness, which: Actually? I’m totally already doing. Even though it’s super painful to move right now.

And FINALLY? The grading itself is out in Porirua, at the buttcrack of dawn (Otherwise known as 8am), on a Sunday (Otherwise known as the day buses don’t run until 9am), So I’m thinking I might find a cheap motel and stay out there on Saturday night! Wo!

I’ve been meaning to treat myself to a night in a hotel, complete with sky and room-service, anyway… So though a motel, complete with fuzzy TV reception, and those weird baby packets of breakfast cereal isn’t QUITE the same thing, but it will mean significantly less stress for me at 5am in the morning when I’m trying to hitchike an hour out of the city.


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