Hairspray and grading butterflies.

I have to say, this morning went terribly astray. It started off great, but then my hair was awful. And snarly, so I tried straightening it, and that didn’t really work.

(If by ‘didn’t really’ implies DEFINITELY didn’t)

(And it does.)



(I’m confused. Are you confused?)

So then I tried wrestling it back into a stubby ponytail – because I actually only have enough hair for a ‘tail’ that sticks directly out from the back of my head, like a 2cm long alfalfa cowlick.

The ponytail didn’t work because the majority of my hair doesn’t reach the band, so I slicked it down with hairspray, and that just made things worse, so I combed it out, and added a bit of wax, and tried again, and then tried sealing with more hairspray, and then had to pull it all out, and start again, finishing up with some light-hold shine serum (as if my lacquered head needed any more shine.)

Now I have a helmet. And I’m at work in an outfit I have reservations about, with a cloud of residue hair product swimming about my head.

This is my life. I wish I could be effortless and elegant. Wouldn’t it be awesome to throw on any-old thing and look like you were dressed for high-society? Or wakeup with the perfect up-do, just waiting for a couple of judiciously placed hairpins?

Instead I have a closet full of hits and misses, and hair that, quite frankly, NEVER makes it easy.

Anyway. I had pregrading last week, and I passed, which means dum-da-dah-dum!! I’m grading for my blue belt this Sunday! Woho! And the flatties are coming to support, which is super nice (also a little scary!)

Becks and Jasmyne offered to drive me out to East Porirua at the buttcrack of dawn, because they want to come watch. Also? I had to make them promise not to wear the ‘Team Shannon’ tee-shirts. They might still bring the pompoms though, and I’m not sure I managed to talk them out of the orange wedges for ‘half time’ (whatever that is!) and the sweat-towels around their necks. I have a funny feeling they’re going to be a little disappointed by the final grading! We’ve done a lot of the work already during trainings, and mini-grading last week in the Dojang.

(In other news: Ouch. I hurt.)

Oh and remember how I was all ‘I’ll bet there’s a ton of stuff to work on’… Only there wasn’t. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Not. A. Thing…. Which is lovely! All I have to do is keep doing what I’m doing, keep training, keep reinforcing and remembering my techniques and theory…  And fingers crossed I’ll be all ready for grading!

Any you know what?? This short haired girl feels more confident going into this grading than she has in YEARS. Or… Well, EVER. It turns out confidence is a nice feeling.


3 thoughts on “Hairspray and grading butterflies.

  1. You’ve already got the obi (belt) and it’s tied around your waist! – That’s what I’m hearing and its great!

  2. Oh the hair trajedy! I’ve been there. Usually I end up showering againn, and go to work with wet hair. Kickass news about the blue belt! Can’t wait to hear you’re official 🙂

  3. I feel like for every one good hair day I have, there are about four bad ones. And you’re so right – the more products you use to try to correct, the worse it seems to get. Congrats on the good pre-grade!

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