Well that was a waste of a new top!!

Guess what? I brought a totally fab (and totally CHEAP) new top last night. It’s St Paddy’s day Green and office appropriate, and a great material, that always looks really classy and expensive when paired with a slim skirt, and a blazer.


I wore it today, and looked lovely. Until I dropped half a bottle of pink lemonade. (For those of you not in the know? Pink lemonade is lemonade with crushed raspberries mixed into it. I now have crushed raspberries down the front of my top. Mixing with citric acid.

*Head Desk*

This is after I got to work, adjusted my nylons, and accidentally punched a fist-sized hole in one leg.

(Just so that nobody has the impression I handled that with grace and dignity: I swore. Loudly. Then ran my bare unshaven legs down to the supermarket and spent $50 on 5 new pairs of tights. Bargin.)

(Also? It is winter here. And I was running late this morning. Stop judging me for not shaving my legs. I’m an empowered woman, and I’ll wear my body hair how I want. STOP JUDGING ME.)

And finally, on a less weird note: I’m planning a trip to Napier, so that I can go to the Petting Zoo with karlie, and touch a five legged sheep.

(Wait… Did I say less weird?)


3 thoughts on “Well that was a waste of a new top!!

  1. Take meeeeee to the petting zoo toooooooo! The dates you suggested are perfect – middle of the holidays woo!

    PS – I’m gonna need a weed wacker on these legs before I even attempt loosing the tights – dont feel bad for not shaving!

    Stink about the top though – were you able to do the blazer up over the top so you couldnt see the stain?

  2. Stupid nylons. I hate how fragile they are. And really, are they that warm? too bad those thick knit tights aren’t in style anymore. THOSE are warm. 🙂 Flattering? No. Constantly falling down? Yes. Wait…nevermind.

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