So. Hypothetically. If you were organising an organisation-wide scavenger hunt for pirate booty… How would you go about promoting that? And getting people to dress up? (Like Pirates… Duh.)

I dunno. My promo ideas all seem to hinge pretty heavily on everyone else being just as excited as I am about pirates. History says that this might not actually be the case. In fact, a lot of the organisation where I work seem to come here solely for the purpose of… Working… Weird, right?

I’m thinking of a modest campaign asking people: “Will yarr drunken sailors be joinin’ us for a bottle o’ rum on Friday night?” Or “Bring all ye Pirate booty for a chance to be in tarr conquer the bottle o’ Liquorlands finest Rum” Or even the short, and snappy “Present yarrselves in yarr finest dress, yarr worthless Bilge rats!” Ooh, I like that one…

Or maybe I’ll just slowly convert the elevators into pirate ships over the next week and a half? Yes. that would be subtle. Or I could stage a multi-floor pirate sword-fight in order to get people excited? Fights are exciting.

Although… I can’t see them being happy with me for devoting too much resource to jumping around like a giant loon wearing an eyepatch. Hmm. Back to the draaarrrring board.


3 thoughts on “Hypothetically..

  1. 🙂 AWESOME! I definitely think trickling the information is best. Like, maybe first start with getting people involved in bringing old junk to the hunt, then once they’ve bought in, start encouraging the dressing up. Maybe print out some pirate lingo to share with them before the big day? Before you know it, you’ll have people participating, maybe a little dazed as to how they GOT to such a state. 😀 Good luck!

  2. I would start leaving “booty” around the office. Gold candy coins, plastic jewels, maybe an eye patch here or there. Get people wondering what the heck is going on!

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