Three Beautiful Things…

Ugh I am feeling down today. Deep, Dark, Panicky DOWN. So instead of blogging al about how I nearly cried three times before morning tea time, I’m going to tell you about three beautiful things that made my day brighter today.

1. The man on the corner of Manners Mall, who waited while I crossed the road, and called out “Welcome to this side of the road.”  Then he shook my hand, assuring me that today was a ‘freebie’ but tomorrow, if I wanted the same handshake there would be a small charge of $20.

2. My chicken wrap at lunch time. It made me feel good because it had spinach in it, and everyone knows spinach is good for you.

3. Planning Pirate Day. I made a quiz:

(Today’s quiz is brought to you by Girlfriend Magazine circa 1999)

Which Spice Girl Pirate are you?

a).  Scary Spice Pirate

b).  Baby Spice Pirate

c).  Ginger Spice Pirate

d).  Sporty Spice Pirate

e).  Posh Spice Pirate.


3 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things…

  1. Old spice (pirate). Perhaps a note in pigeon holes saying what the dress code will/should be, and a wish that one or two of them disobeys and wears normal clothes – you need someone to walk the plank and that will make it easier to choose.

  2. Ginger Pirate!
    Do people regularly welcome you to the other side of the road? If so, I think it’s time I moved somewhere friendlier.

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