Yarr! To celebrate being a pirate I dyed my scalp purple. (Not really intentionally.)

Avast! It be talk like a pirate Day! Being the 19 September and all! Of course, this pirate wench – nay queen – celebrated in true villanous style on Friday last week with the rest of the workplace. With a treasure hunt. Yarr. And Rum. (Yo ho ho!)

Another thing I did this weekend: I brought purple hair dye. Then I dyed my hair purple. Over Blue-black… Which I died it last Thursday. Needless to say there wasn’t really a dramatic change in colour. The most impressive outcome that now, instead of my scalp being navy blue, it is purple. It looks like my hair parting is angry.

And then sunday night the flatties and I went to Dennys (which has just opened here) and ate our own weight in food. It was pretty good. We had burgers, and the stoners next to us had curly fries, milkshakes, coke, juice, and five plates of breakfast split amongst the three of them. (apparently the all night breakfast options are good.)

Anyway, today’s going alright. I mean, aside from the accidental purple scalp thing. And the food hangover. But I was totally looking forward to training tonight. It’s pirate themed, and I had some leftover tattoos (they;re skull and crossbones, and therefore awesome) that I was going to wear. Only now I can’t because I have to finish up some actual work. Being an adult is hard sometimes.

Speaking of being an adult… My 26th birthday is coming up next month. I’m going to Napier to stay in a nice hotel room, and go to a salt water spa. Also? I planned this trip, because I was dating this dude with a kid for a short while, and he was all “oh, I went to the petting zoo in napier last weekend, and there’s a sheep there with 5 legs.” And I was all: “Whoa. Back the truck up. There is a sheep with 5 legs in Napier?”

And then? Then a dream was born. The dating thing didn’t go any further, but my birthday trip to the petting zoo is in the middle of some serious planning. I booked my tickets last week, and instructed the Napier ladies to get ready for some serious awesomeness. We’re getting pedicures, and going to dinner, and touching the sheep with the 5 legs! It’s going to be GREAT.

So sometimes being an adult is awesome.



3 thoughts on “Yarr! To celebrate being a pirate I dyed my scalp purple. (Not really intentionally.)

  1. Hopefully no one stares at your scalp during the day. Those people would just be strange.

    Oooh birthday planning is the best! I think you have an excellent plan for the day!

  2. Miss M: Well… It’s not looking too dramatic today. I’ve washed most of the pirple away. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that it took to some patches of hair close to my scalp.. So i have som violet patches, some burgendy-type patches, and lots of purple/blue-tinted black.

    Thoughts: Hehe, yeah. There WILL be photos. Of the sheep, and me shaking the sheep’s leg, and the sheep waving, and the sheep eating.. So yeah. Lots of photos.

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