Warming up again.

I’m feeling all victorious today. Mostly because I managed to clear my inbox at work, get all the loose papers on my desk dealt with, and then I rearranged the pirates and pirate gold on my desk. (What? Like you don’t have piles of loot on your desk too.)

So yeah. It is awesome. AND I’m going out to sit in the sun at lunch time. God I missed the sun. Winter was pretty mild this year, full of awesome little treats like snow and dramatic hail, but I definitely noticed my slump in energy. It’s been particularly noticeable over the last two or three months. I’m more than ready for the sun to start shining again.

Louise and I wandered out and sat by the waterfront today for lunch and it was awesome. And warm. Also sunny.

Anyway, so I’ve managed to drain my bank account again, in my pursuit to get rid of my overdraft. (Also booking a holiday for my birthday wasn’t exactly high in the ‘saving’ category of expenditure.) Anyway, so now I’m trying to think up free things to do this weekend. I think I’m going to the museum on Saturday. I might also walk around the waterfront because I’m hoping for more sun.

Sunday I’m going to nap, and go to the gym, then make scones.

What about you guys? up to much?


2 thoughts on “Warming up again.

  1. oh it sounds like you have nice plans!!! What kind of scones did you make?
    I’m looking forward to the cooler weather. Summer was nice, but I’m tired of sweating all the time 🙂 I really don’t know how people don’t go bonkers in one-season areas!

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